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Search the House of the Archers The Coward of Yarikawa Ghost of Tsushima

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To search the house of the archers in The Coward of Yarikawa in the Ghost of Tsushima examine the arrows on the ground near the broken door.
Examine the arrows on the ground to Search the House of the Archers The Coward of Yarikawa Ghost of Tsushima Then search the straw mats on the ground.
Examine the straw mats on the ground to Search the House of the Archers The Coward of Yarikawa Ghost of Tsushima.

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Learn to play a traditional Japanese instrument 14

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Japan is fun, fascinating, and safe, making it one of the world’s best destinations for family travel.
Whether you’re traveling with young children or teenagers (or both!), Japan’s dynamic and eclectic culture has something for everybody.
Bullet trains, medieval castles, neon and robots, temples and gardens, colorful art and fashion – and incredibly helpful people.
(See our full list of 25 family-friendly Japan activities below.) While not as off the beaten path as it was in the past, most families still overlook Japan in favor of more “conventional” family travel destinations.
So if you are thinking of a special family trip, full of unique experiences together, Japan is an amazing destination for kids and adults.
Originally written in 2014, this post was updated and republished on August 13, 2020.
Why Families Love Japan Japan is an outstanding family destination for many of the same reasons we so love Japan.

It’s Safe and Convenient Japan is perhaps the safest large country in the world

making the US and Europe look quite dangerous in comparison.
It’s also surprisingly easy to get around, even if you don’t speak the Japanese language (keep in mind that most visitors to Japan don’t speak a lick of Japanese).
One of the surprise highlights for so many travelers to Japan is how beautifully and efficiently things tend to work: Japanese trains are spotless.

And depart and arrive on time Japanese customer service is wonderful

and people are astoundingly helpful And of course your kids (and you) will love riding the shinkansen (bullet train) On top of all this, Japanese people cater extremely well to children and love family travelers.

Kids Love Japan Many of you are well are of this already

In fact, many of you had no more than a passing interest in Japan until your children told you they wanted to visit.
(Some of you are being dragged by your kids.) Why do kids love Japan so much.
Japan is the home of so many things that kids love: fast trains and robots, ninjas and samurai, anime (animation) and manga (comic books), Nintendo and Hello Kitty.
It goes well beyond the surface.
Japan is an intellectually curious child’s dream, with a beguiling modern yet traditional culture, and fascinating recent and ancient history.
Adults Love Japan A key to a successful family vacation is making sure everyone — parents included — feels included and engaged.
Along with ensuring your kids have a great time, it’s a much better experience for all if the adults are really enjoying themselves as well.
If you are an adult, we think you’ll find several things you’ll want to do on our list of bucket list-worthy Japan experiences.
Most are also great with kids.

25 Family-Friendly Activities in Japan Japan has something for everyone

and our trip-planning process entails making personalized recommendations based on your and your kids’ priorities.
If you’re quite flexible and enjoy a fair amount of unstructured time, there is nothing like “aimless” wandering around cities like Tokyo and Kyoto, both of which are brimming with unique things to see and do (not to mention extremely safe).
But most families are also interested in some high-quality structured activities, where their kids will enjoy themselves, be engaged, and come away with a valuable memorable experience.
So to help you plan your trip, we’ve compiled a brief but comprehensive list of our favorite family-friendly activities in Japan.
Ride world-famous shinkansen (bullet train) 2.
Visit the Snow Monkeys in Jigokudani, Nagano Prefecture 3.
Attend a sumo basho (tournament) 4.
Participate in a fun and highly active taiko drumming class 5.
Mingle with deer in Nara (near Kyoto) or Miyajima Island (near Hiroshima) 6.
Stay overnight in a Buddhist temple on Mount Koya 7.
Explore the whimsical Ghibli Museum in Tokyo 8.
Experience the world-class aquariums of Osaka and Okinawa 9.
Climb Mount Fuji 10.
Walk through the the bamboo forest in Arashiyama, Kyoto 11.
Immerse yourself in the colorful digital art of teamLab Borderless 12.
Dress up like a samurai, geisha, or ninja 13.
Learn to play a traditional Japanese instrument 14.

Explore an amazing Japanese castle in Himeji

Hikone, or Matsumoto 15.
Ski or snowboard in Hokkaido, the Japanese Alps, or the Tohoku region 16.
Soak in Akihabara’s neon and video game arcades 17.

Cycle across the Shimanami Kaido in Japan’s rural Setouchi region 18

Visit theme parks such as Tokyo Disneyland, DisneySea, Universal Studios Japan, Sanrio Puroland, and Fuji-Q Highland 19.
Hike along the Nakasendo Way or the Kumano Kodo 20.

Attend a Japanese matsuri (festival) 21

Experience an authentic tea ceremony 22.
Stroll through the colorful Nishiki Market in Kyoto, and Tsukiji Market in Tokyo 23.
Visit the art island of Naoshima 24.

Stay in a traditional ryokan (Japanese-style inn) in the countryside 25

Learn to make sushi from a master chef Embark on a Once-in-a-Lifetime Trip to Japan We believe your trip should be a reflection of your personal sense of adventure and style, and that no two families (or itineraries!) are alike.
If you are looking to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Japan, we have resources that can help.
Start by checking out our sample travel itineraries and learning about our trip-planning process.

The post Is Japan a Good Family Destination

Appeared first on Boutique Japan


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According to a survey of 2,000 individuals conducted by IBM

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According to a survey of 2,000 individuals conducted by IBM, many people are new to remote work arrangements, with more than 80% of survey respondents stating that they rarely worked from home or didn’t work remotely at all prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Such an increase poses a challenge for organizations and their IT teams: How do you effectively secure your remote workforce and manage risk?Cyber Criminals Know More People Are Working From HomeHackers have been taking advantage of the chaos created by the pandemic to probe the expanding number of remotely connected computers and networks, which are being deployed to support a growing number of workers who find themselves trying to sustain productivity and efficiency while working remotely.Some of the many cyber threats we’re seeing bad actors leverage include:COVID-19 themed social engineering schemesDistributing malware using pandemic-themed emailsPhishingImpersonating trusted or authoritative sources (e.g., executives, health authorities, etc.) to send malicious emailsCEO fraud: hackers exploiting the pandemic to create emails leveraging a false sense of urgency to get employees to act (e.g., purchase of eGift Cards and sending the “CEO” the codes)Attacks against newly deployed (often rapidly and sometimes misconfigured) remote access solutionsMalware masquerading as a COVID-19 “contact tracing” mobile application (Android OS)Rapidly changing environmental factors create additional risk.
For instance, the spike in online shopping has created opportunity for hackers who decide to leverage the pandemic: Increasingly, they target ecommerce for consumer financial data theft by creating fake online stores and fake product deals.Combine the isolation created by working remotely, varying degrees of pandemic-related stressors, the fact that many people are not used to working from home yet, and the knowledge that many organizations were not prepared to securely and rapidly deploy their workforce remotely (much less continue to support them securely), and you have an environment of heightened security risk for a remote workforce that has far more on their mind than the typical workday presents.8 Actions You Can Take to Secure Your Remote WorkforceThe following are some cybersecurity actions your business or organization can take to mitigate the increased risk of a partial-to-fully remote workforce:1.
Patch Your Security FlawsPatching is an area many organizations struggle to properly address.
With many employees working mostly remotely, it is even more important that organizations step up their system patching game, especially for key systems (e.g., remote systems, VPNs, public-facing servers/services, etc.).2.
Use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)Speed up your company’s deployment of MFA in order to secure remote access to company networks and resources.3.
Use EncryptionEncrypt company laptops and leverage data loss prevention (DLP) software to assist with detection of data breaches and leaks.4.
Make Sure Systems Are VisibleAre there systems being used for business purposes that are not company/organization property or approved (e.g., Shadow IT).
These systems are often used by individuals wanting to bypass company controls that they feel are unnecessary or too cumbersome.
Gain visibility into the systems and tools being used by your personnel so that you can actually protect them.
Without visibility, implementing risk-based controls is even more difficult.5.
Check in on Your Third-Party Service ProvidersConfirm the security of your third-party vendors and service providers.
Start by listing your service providers and detailing the services provided to your company or organization (including any data that they store or have access to on your behalf).
Ask your service providers what they do to protect your data or secure access to your environment.
Consider requesting independent reports (e.g., SOC 2, ISO 27001, etc.) showing what each company does with regard to security controls.6.

Document Your Incident Response PlanWhen your workforce is remote

having a good incident response plan and clear procedures becomes even more paramount.
Make sure your incident response plan is documented and up to date.7.

Take Advantage of Distance LearningEmbrace it

Employees need security awareness training (in addition to business process training), even more so when isolated by a pandemic.
Distance learning is a valuable tool and should be secured like any other remote application or resource (e.g., MFA).8.

Communicate ClarityNetwork users are inundated with pandemic news and health guidance

While important, the sheer volume of information can drown out crucial security guidance.
Consider creative methods of delivering critical security information, such as gamified phishing tests or a Q&A channel via Microsoft Teams or Slack.There are many challenges and risks that any organization seeking to successfully weather the economics of a pandemic must face, but with some effort and time invested in addressing the eight tips outlined above, cybersecurity doesn’t have to be one of them.About Delap CyberDelap Cyber provides consulting, assurance services, forensic investigations, breach response, and managed cybersecurity services to businesses throughout the United States.
Our solutions are designed to provide peace of mind by implementing multiple layers of controls through specifically selected, implemented, managed, and monitored tools by security professionals.You’ve spent your life building your business.
Let us help you protect it.The post Secure Your Remote Workforce: 8 Tips to Mitigate Risk appeared first on Delap.

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Gilly Vending joins over 200 companies and organizations in the hashtag campaign  #IAmTheHealthcareSupplyChain

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Gilly Vending joins over 200 companies and organizations in the hashtag campaign  #IAmTheHealthcareSupplyChain movement as a Founding Partner.  The healthcare supply chain permeates all aspects of care delivery.
From the clinicians on the front lines, to manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, GPOs, and RPCs—everyone plays a part in the success of the healthcare supply chain.
Outcomes, operational performance, and the overall health of the patient population begins with a healthy supply chain and companies like Gilly Vending.  More info: https://www.iamthehealthcaresupplychain.com/jointhemovement/news.

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Ferrari had Alonso and Massa in the F2012

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Where We Left Off In the ninth installment of this series we reviewed how Fernando Alonso and Renault had the right combination to win both the 2005 and 2006 titles.
Kimi Räikkönen bounced back taking the title for Ferrari in 2007, but was beaten by Lewis Hamilton and McLaren in 2008.

In 2009 the F1 Championship went hybrid and Brawn

an underfunded new team, would power Jenson Button to an unexpected Championship.
Brawn became the only team to win both the Drivers’ Championship and the Constructors’ Championship in their first and only year of existence, before being sold to Mercedes.

While KERS had been legal in F1 in the 2010 season

all the teams had agreed not to use it, in order to allow the top teams time to develop and perfect their own systems for the 2011 season.

Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull dominated the 2010 season

In 2011 only three of the back-marker teams ran without KERS.
For the 2012 season, only two teams would race without KERS, and by 2013 all teams on the grid would have KERS.
2011: A Red Bull Repeat While previous regulations aimed at improving the show had largely failed, by the 2011 season cost escalation was more-or-less under control, safety standards were at an all-time high and the FIA wanted to show their environmental chops by going full Hybrid.
Political correctness also meant that Marlboro ceased to be a sponsor.
Pirelli replaced Bridgestone and the double-diffuser rear wing, the adjustable front wings and the F-duct were all banned.
A driver adjustable rear wing, known as DRS (drag reduction system) was introduced to help overtaking.
It could be used freely in practice and qualifying, but only when within one second of the car to be passed in a specific DRS zone during the race, and the DRS had to close immediately under braking.
DRS was expected to give the cars as much as 15 km/h (9.3 mph) when passing.
Far more important, the teams agreed to re-introduce KERS, with minimum car weight increases from 620 kilograms, (1,367 lb) to 640 kilograms (1,411 lb).

Ferrari kept both Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa in the new 150 Italia

As the reigning Champion, .

The season was Sebastian Vettel’s and Red Bull’s to lose

Just as Vettel and the RB6 had dominated the 2010 season, Vettel and Red-Bull’s Renault-powered RB7 would dominate the 2011 season.
The Red Bull RB7 with the ugly step-nose of the 2011 cars at Goodwood, 2014 with Sebastian Buemi Defending Champion Vettel qualified on pole by eight-tenths of a second and went on to win the opening race in Melbourne, followed by a win in Malaysia, and became the first driver to take the pole at the first four races since Häkkinen in 1999.
Indeed, after nine races, Sebastian Vettel had not finished lower than 2nd and by season’s end Vettel equaled Nigel Mansell’s record of fourteen pole positions in a season.
So dominating were the Red Bull Renault-powered RB7 and the McLaren MP4-26 that every race of the 2011 season was won by a McLaren or a Red Bull, with the exception of the British GP, won by Alonso for Ferrari.
The championship came to a showdown in Japan, with Vettel out-qualifying championship rival Jenson Button, now driving for McLaren, by just nine-thousandths of a second.
Button went on to win the race, his 3rd victory of the season, while Fernando Alonso finished 2nd.
Vettel completed the podium, securing his 2nd World Drivers’ Championship.
Lewis Hamilton had a bad year after getting six driver penalties over the course of the 2011 season, setting a new record for the most penalties in a season.
Vettel took his second Championship for Red Bull with 392 points over Jenson Button with 270 points for McLaren: team mate Mark Webber at Red Bull scored 258 points and Alonso at Ferrari scored 257.
Red Bull took their 2nd Constructors’ Championship with 650 points over McLaren with 497 and Ferrari in 3rd with 375.
For those into number spotting, Ferrari built F150s s/n 287, 288, 289, 290 and 291.
All survive.
2012: A Red Bull Renault Three-Peat Rule changes were minimal for 2012: the noses were re-profiled, reactive ride systems and “exotic” engine maps were banned.
The US GP returned at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas and the Bahrain GP returned after being canceled in 2011 due to civil protests.
Because of the soft compounds, Pirelli predicted as many as three tire changes during every race.
For the first time the season included twenty races and, for the first time since 1970, six current or former World Drivers’ Champions, Vettel, Alonso, Button, Hamilton, Räikkönen and Schumacher all started the season.
Ferrari had Alonso and Massa in the F2012, Red Bull Renault had Vettel and Webber in the RB8 and McLaren had Button and Hamilton in the MP4-27.

Ferrari’s F2012 had pre-season problems

under-steering on entry and over-steering on exit, qualifying 12th and 16th at the season opener in Australia.
In the week before the season’s second race in Malaysia, Ferrari took the extraordinary step of preparing a brand-new chassis for Massa, and performance improved.
Ferrari press release photos of the F2012 with its ugly step-nose The early season saw seven different drivers win the first seven races, a record for the series.
It was not until the eighth race at the European GP that Ferrari’s Alonso won his second race of the year, becoming a championship contender with a twenty point lead.
Alonso led for the next seven races, taking his third win in Germany and finishing on the podium in England, Italy and Singapore.
In the second half of the season, at the 11th race in Hungary, Alonso maintained a 34 point lead over Webber, with Vettel a further 10 points behind.
The season’s dynamics changed at the 12th race, at Spa in Belgium.
At that point Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso led the championship by 40 points over Red Bull Racing’s Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel, with fourth-placed Lewis Hamilton a further 7 points behind.
Unfortunately Grosjean’s Lotus took out both Alonso’s Ferrari and Hamilton’s McLaren at the first corner, La Source, on the first lap.
Without that incident, it’s very likely that Alonso would have picked up at least some points and would probably have been on the podium given that the cars in front of him were: Button, who won the race, Kobayashi in a Sauber-Ferrari, Räikkönen in a Lotus-Renault, and Sergio Pérez in the other Sauber.
Alonso’s luck again ran out at the 15th race in Japan; spinning out after contact with Räikkönen, allowing Vettel to take a full 25 points for the win.

Ferrari made extensive upgrades to the F2012

starting with the 17th race at the Indian GP, but the changes were not enough for Alonso to catch Vettel.
Alonso started the final race of the season, in Brazil, 13 points behind Vettel.
Button’s McLaren won in Brazil, with Alonso 2nd and Massa 3rd but Vettel’s 6th place was enough to secure his 3rd consecutive World Drivers’ Championship, becoming just the third driver in the sport’s sixty-three-year history to do so.
Vettel finished the season with five wins and 281 points over Alonso with only three wins and 278 points.
Räikkönen’s one race win and 207 points was good for 3rd while Massa finished 7th with 122 points.

Red Bull Racing took their 3rd Constructors’ Championship

with 460 points, Ferrari finished in 2nd with 400 points.
For those into number spotting, Ferrari built F2012s s/n 292, 293, 294, 295, and 296.
All survive.
Click on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_P-8SCst_U for the season-changing Spa crash 2013: Four In A Row For Red Bull Because the 2013 season would be the last year for the 18,000 rpm, normally aspirated 2.4-litre V8, the FIA kept rule changes to a minimum.
Ferrari’s weapon of choice for the 2013 Championship was the F138 with Alonso and Massa at the wheel.

Winter testing had shown the F138 to be much more competitive than the F2012

but Ferrari was also developing their car for the 2014 season in parallel with the F138 and so lost focus.
Michael Schumacher again retired from F1. Mercedes’ new car, the F1 W04, would be driven by Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton, who left McLaren to replace Schumacher at Mercedes.
Former William’s shareholder Toto Wolff left Williams to buy into the Mercedes team as team principal, but the 2013 season didn’t end well with only two wins for Mercedes, in Monaco and England.  Pirelli had chosen to build a soft compound tire, which all but guaranteed at least two pit stops per race, but the weak sidewalls were damaged by running over the curbing, making for multiple high-speed blowouts throughout the year.
Red Bull returned with Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber in the RB9, which would absolutely dominate the season.
By season’s end Alonso had won only two races, in China and Spain, but scored five second-places, in Australia, Canada, Belgium, Italy and Singapore, to keep him in a strong championship position throughout the season.
By the season’s end the Renault RB9 had won thirteen of the nineteen races.
Vettel broke the record for most consecutive wins in a single season with nine.
By his win at the 16th race in India, Vettel had an unassailable 115-point gap on the path to his 4th straight Championship, joining Juan Manuel Fangio, Alain Prost and Michael Schumacher as four-time Champions.
Vettel also won the Laureus World Sports Award as the Sportsman of the Year, matching Michael Schumacher as one of the only two racing drivers to ever be so recognized.

Fernando Alonso did well with Ferrari to finish 2nd but with 242 points

155 points behind Vettel.
Vettel’s Renault teammate Mark Webber finished his last Formula One season in 3rd with 199 points, the first time since 2008 that the Australian had failed to win a race.
Red Bull easily took the Constructors’ Championship at the 16th race in India by opening a gap of 157 points, with only 129 still up for grabs.  By the season’s end Red Bull scored a total of 596 points over Mercedes with 360 points and Ferrari in 3rd with 354 points.
The season finale in Brazil marked the end of the V8 and the naturally aspirated engine era of Formula One which had begun in 1989 when turbo engines were banned.
For those into number spotting, Ferrari built only four F138s, s/n 297, 298, 299, 300 and 301.
All survive.
The Market For 2011-2013 Cars To date we haven’t been asked to source or to sell any of the 2011-2013 Hybrid cars.
A few have been sold by F1 Clienti but none have reached the secondary sales market.
That day will come simply because today’s current F1 owners get bored after a few seasons and new buyers want the latest-greatest-newest car possible.
These cars are staggeringly complicated, built with over 14,000 individual parts which must all work in perfect harmony.
When raced every part was always in a permanent state of obsolescence.
By the time the parts were on the racetrack there was a new generation in production to replace them.
While most changes were incremental, major updates often needed to be done in groups simply because a group of parts needs to go onto the car as one in the hope of gaining a minuscule performance gain.
Updates to the front wing, brake ducts, or barge boards were usually incremental based on never-ending wind tunnel tests.
If the updates were averaged out over the various 2011 to 2013 seasons there were dozens of updates to every car, every day, seven days a week.
When these cars were used in combat, the drivers made an average of seven or eight changes of the rotary switches over the course of every lap, while giving feedback from the information on the dash to their pit engineers.
All while driving at 10/10s every lap, setting lap times within one second per lap, every lap, for two hours and dealing with up to 6 G’s of lateral cornering force.
The electronics are fiendishly complicated and instantly obsolete.
As an example from a road car, a hybrid battery for a La Ferrari is over $100k and they go dead if not kept on a charger.
Once dead they are forever dead and cannot be re-charged.
The battery for a hybrid F1 car would cost a similar amount or more, probably much more, if available.
However they are no longer supported by Ferrari or their sublet suppliers, making them unobtanium.

F1 Clienti disconnects the KERS system on the few cars in private hands

as the battery and electronics are too complicated and, again, are no longer supported by either Ferrari or the component suppliers.
Additionally the high voltage is far too dangerous to unleash on any team not fully conversant on how to manage it. With only 15 cars built, and all surviving, they do appear at F1 Clienti events, but they are impossible to operate without factory technicians and so must live at the factory with F1 Clienti.
As a guess any of the 2011 – 2013 hybrids will sell for in the low-mid seven-figures and the few race winning cars would bring fifty percent more, if and when they come to market.
Most are part of a substantial collection but never live in the owner’s collection and must be kept at the factory.
All are expensive, for an F1 car, but a bargain when compared to what this author feels is the ultimate in pop-art lunacy, the sale of the Jeff Koons’s statue of a rabbit which sold for a breathtaking $91m at Christie’s New York Auction in May of last year.
Jeff Koons Rabbit, sold for $91.07m at Christies New York on 15 May of 2019, it is one of four “Rabbit” Sculptures by Koons (including the artist’s proof).
2014 And Beyond The 2014 Mercedes “Power unit” click on https://www.racecar-engineering.com/cars/mercedes-w05/ for more info.
Staring with the 2014 season, the 1600cc V6 engines, limited to 15,000 rpm, are now known as “power units”, and are divided into six components.
Start with the internal combustion engine (ICE); then the turbocharger (TC); the Motor Generator Unit-Kinetic (MGU-K), (which collects energy that would normally be wasted under braking); the Motor Generator Unit-Heat (MGU-H), (which collected energy in the form of heat expelled through the exhaust); the Energy Store (ES or batteries, storing the energy gathered by the MGU); and the Control Electronics (CE), which included the Electronic Control Unit and software used to manage the entire power unit.
It’s very important to the few manufactures in F1 that these cars are their flagship for ever-improving fuel mileage and performance levels, all of which are far beyond anything that currently exists anywhere else in motorsport or on the road.
As of the 2014 season only Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault supplied every engine/power unit on the grid, with Honda joining the party in 2015.

Our history of Ferrari F1 cars for private use ends here because

to date, Ferrari has not sold and is not likely to ever sell an operating 2014 or newer cars to F1 Clients, simply because their systems are far too complex to be used without a very substantial support team.
Indeed, the 2014 and newer cars are far more complex than the already massively complex 2011-2013 cars.
The 2014 and newer Hybrid cars technology marks the end of usage by mere civilians.
In the end the cars became undriveable by mere mortals, impossible to run without a horde of factory team mechanics and their spares and computers and unobtanium because of obsolescence parts, which is where our story ends.
Thank, in alphabetical order, to  John Amette; Lar Beringer, Arnaud Blanfuney, Ross Bowdler, Andy Dayes; Andrew Frankl; Trevor Griffiths; Alastair Henderson; Mike Matune; Paul Osborne; Nigel Petras,  Glen Smale and Thor Thorson for their feedback.
The post Ferrari F1, #10, 2011-2012, The Hybrid Era appeared first on Ferraris Online.

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Here we are dressing up like Egyptians for Galabaya Night

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I’m so excited to announce our next Egypt trip: February 15-28

2021 I’ve been waiting for all the crazy in the world to lessen a little bit in order to make the announcement and then this week, I realized… It’s safer in Egypt than it is in the United States right now.
So I started meditating about it and the minute I said to myself, “Okay, I’m doing it,” this energy flooded my body and it felt so good.
I felt so excited and connected.
And then, you’re not going to believe this, literally 2 hours after I made the decision and felt all that energy, I received a phone call from a woman who lives in Michigan who just found us on the internet and she said.

“I want to go on your Egypt trip!” She placed a deposit right then and there

and I just knew… “Here’s my sign from the Universe that we’re supposed to do this!” Then literally within 24 hours, someone who just finished a Sedona Soul Adventures retreat called me to tell me how incredible and life-changing it was, and then she said, “I hope you’re doing the Egypt trip, I want to go!” Okay, Universe, I get the message.
All of the information I’m getting is that the trip is going to sell out – our trip this year in February sold out in less than 3 weeks and I think there are so many people out there who are waiting to go somewhere and do something… and plan something to look forward to.
This trip is just so extraordinary.
It’s such a beautiful combination of all the places you absolutely have to go to, .

Combined with the spiritual aspects of connecting with Egypt’s powerful energy

We go to all the must-see places: The Great Pyramid (where we’ll have 2 hours of private time for ceremony just for our group)The SphinxKarnakLuxorAbu Simbel But we’ll also be going to places the average tourist doesn’t always see: Isis Temple at PhilaeTemple of AbydosHathor Temple at DenderaHorus Temple at EdfuThe Osirion And this year we have special tickets to see: The Tomb of King Tut in the Valley of the KingsThe Tomb of Seti I in the Valley of the KingsThe Tomb of Queen Nefertari in the Valley of the Queens.
To see the actual tomb and the mummy of King Tutankamun is so amazing.

We will also see the treasures of his tomb in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

The Tomb of King Seti I is absolutely spectacular and Queen Nefertari’s tomb (she was the favorite wife of Ramses II) has been called “The Sistine Chapel of Egypt.” Very few people are allowed to see these tombs, so this is a very special part of our trip this year.
Plus, we’ll be doing ceremonies and meditations, and discussing the alternative theories of who built the Pyramids, who built the Sphinx (and when) and why are there carvings of a helicopter, a tank and a submarine in the walls of the Temple of Abydos.
Having two hours of private time just for our group inside the Great Pyramid for meditation and ceremonies is beyond belief.
Plus, we just have fun.
Here we are dressing up like Egyptians for Galabaya Night.
I love this photo, it so demonstrates what happens on this trip – having breakfast at the fabulous 5 star Mena House right next to the Pyramids, three people who didn’t know each other before this trip connecting and having a fabulous time, about to start another incredible day of exploration, wonder and awe.
And to go on a journey like this with other like-minded travelers – it’s just the icing on the cake.
Don’t be concerned if you don’t have a companion to travel with – our groups are typically in love with each other within 48 hours, making friends that last a lifetime.
Some important things I want you to know: 1.
I know some people may say “Debra, are you nuts announcing this in the middle of a pandemic?” I understand that point, but honestly, .

It’s safer to be in Egypt right now

They have flattened the curve and their numbers are much better than here in the U.S.

No one that I have connected with is concerned that Egypt will close their doors to U.S

or Canadian citizens, as Europe has.

Egypt has always had a great relationship with the U.S.

they love Americans and Canadians, and we don’t see that happening.
We are making this 100% refundable up to December 14, 2020 so that any deposits or other funds you have placed, will be completely refundable, no questions asked.
As of December 14.

We have to send all funds to Egypt for air

hotels and other land costs.
If something happens after December 14, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to receive any funds back from our Egyptian vendors, so I highly recommend that you obtain Trip Cancellation Insurance that will cover the pandemic.
When you obtain that, we will deduct $50 off the cost of your trip, as $50 per person is allotted for trip insurance (medical, etc.) and that will be covered in your Trip Cancellation Insurance.
For information on the Day to Day Itinerary – Click Here For all the details on Pricing – Click Here If you have any questions about our trip, send me an email at [email protected]

And be sure to get a copy of my “Mystical Egypt”report

it’s beautiful and it will give you so much information about Egypt, the amazing sites, the Gods and Goddesses, and why Egypt is such a special place.
If you already know you want to go, Click Here to make your deposit.
Or feel free to give me a call.
Here’s how: Cell: 1-928-301-2896Office toll-free: 1-877-204-3664 (US and Canada)Outside the US and Canada: 001 928-204-5988 Or Click here and I’ll call you – I love talking about Egypt.
Don’t miss my interview with Jorge Luis Delgado,the world-renowned teacher and amazing shaman for our Peru trips I believe that Jorge Luis is one of the most important teachers on the planet right now.
I was so disappointed we had to cancel our annual trip to Peru this year because of the pandemic, so it was wonderful to connect with Jorge in this interview… Especially as he leads us all through a powerful process of opening to the light and raising our vibrations.
He also goes deep into Incan prophecies to talk about the lessons of the pandemic.
Come get a taste of what our Peru adventure is like and experience the wisdom of this powerful teacher and master. We’ve just set the dates to return to Peru next year (click for the info).
Check out the interview.
It’s available right now on our site.
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The reviews help us reach more people and that’s the whole idea.
We’re taking an August break for the Saturday Masterclasses Summer is upon us and we’re going to take a break for the Masterclasses during the rest of August.
We’ll see you again after Labor Day, we have lots of wonderful stuff planned.
Would you like to speak to someone today aboutdoing a retreat (Virtual or in Sedona).
Call us today or Click here and we’ll call you.
One of our Angel Guides will connect with you (or both of you for a Couples Retreat) and we’ll go deep, to discover what’s holding you back from having the life or relationship of your dreams.
We’ll custom design a retreat that’s perfect for you and you can do it in Sedona or from the comfort of your own home.
Remember, there’s no cost or obligation and we’re even open on Sunday, because we’re here for you.
Wishing you a week filled with adventure.
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Top 10 rejected COVID-19 guidelines

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By Torry Stiles 10.
Please avoid licking anything that isn’t yours.
Schools and churches are required to keep children apart whenever possible.
This, however, does not grant them the right to duct tape children to classroom furniture.
Masks are mandatory at all times unless eating.
Gum and tobacco chewing doesn’t count no matter how much you swallow.
Please remove the mask before blowing bubbles or spitting.
If there are any small businesses left downtown please be patient: we’ll get to you as fast as we can.
We can only shut down so many each day.

All restaurant brewpubs must immediately stop serving those god-awful IPAs

They taste like beer-soaked car fresheners, so knock it off.
All citizens are henceforth barred from calling whistleblowers “Karen” unless their name is actually Karen.
Capacity shall be measured by the number of seats available.
No, wait.
By the square footage involved.
… Um … well, we’ll let you know when you have too many.
Playing sports is strongly discouraged, however, betting on sports online is fine.
Please download our new app.
Double dipping your chips is an automatic $1,000 fine.
We all must stay 6 feet apart unless sharing our TikTok videos in which case the distance is increased to 12 feet.

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Key Service is a top-rated Mesa auto locksmith

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Top 5 Ridiculous Myths about Car Locksmiths A lot of people don’t get the services they need because of myths surrounding those services.
That is especially true of locksmiths.
Most people only need a locksmith on occasion, so they don’t have a lot of experience dealing with these professionals.
They fall back on myths they may have heard, and some of those myths can deter them from getting the help they need when they are locked out of their home or their vehicle.
Knowledge is power.
By educating yourself, you can hire the right locksmith to help you out in times of need.
Here are some of the top five ridiculous myths out there about locksmiths, with the truth that you need to know: Myth #1: They Only Make House Calls For some reason, many people believe that locksmiths are only available for house calls, such as if you are locked out of your home and need to get back inside.
However, the truth is that locksmiths can also make emergency calls out in the field if you are locked out of your vehicle, and they also maintain office hours.
You don’t have to have an emergency to get a spare copy of your keys made.
You can see a locksmith at any time to make a copy of your house key or your car key, ensuring that you have an extra on hand if you ever have an emergency where you are locked out.

Myth #2: They All Use the Same Tools Locksmiths may specialize in a specific kind of key

such as locksmiths who only make automotive keys.
But many locksmiths are generalists, and they have the tools to make all kinds of keys and to fix all kinds of locks.
Never assume that a locksmith can’t help you.
Always check to confirm their services to know what they can help you do.
Myth #3: They Keep Copies of Your Keys Many people feel nervous about handing over a copy of the key to their house or their car to a stranger – especially when that stranger has the capability to make a new copy of that key.
Therefore, some have made the incorrect assumption that locksmiths can keep copies of their keys and then gain access to their homes or their vehicles later.
The truth is that locksmiths are professionals who have extensive training and experience.
When you hire a reputable locksmith, there is years of experience behind the person.
You can trust that the locksmith has not done anything unethical or else you would hear about it.
And you can always call previous customers to ask them directly about their experiences.
Myth #4: They’re Only Available during Certain Hours Emergencies don’t happen when you expect them.
Therefore, most locksmiths are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including on holidays.
They may have regular office hours, but most remain on call for whenever they are needed.
You should keep the number of a trusted locksmith stored in your phone so you know who to call when you have a lock emergency.
Locksmiths have been working on different kinds of locks for many years.
When you call and describe your problem, they are going to be able to tell you with accuracy how much it will cost to make the repair or to cut you a new key.
This is especially true if you are calling about a new car key.
They can look up the specs for your vehicle and know exactly what will be required, and they will be able to tell you exactly how much time it will take and what it will cost.
You can trust the estimate you get over the phone or in person.
Don’t let the myths you may have heard about locksmiths to keep you from getting the services you need.
A reputable locksmith can help you get into your home or car if you are locked out, can fix broken locks, retrieve broken keys, and more.
Do your research and find the best locksmith to keep on speed dial.
Key Service is a top-rated Mesa auto locksmith.
We offer car lockout services, including helping you get into your car when you’ve locked your keys inside, repairing broken door locks and ignitions, extracting broken keys, and more.
We replace lost Mesa car keys and create duplicate copies so you can always have a spare set available as needed.
Our locksmiths are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and they can come to you as services are needed.
You can also visit us in the office to get new keys.

Call us in Mesa today to talk with a car locksmith

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Announcements Avalon Kickstarter coming in December 2018

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We believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them play rpg’s.
We talk about gaming with children.
Announcements Avalon Kickstarter coming in December 2018.
Evercon This show brought to you by fans of the show, like you.
Support the show. Become a patron.
Next Episode Subscribe on iTunes or Android so you don’t miss our next episode when we talk about playing rpg’s with kids.
Join the discussion.
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Come risolvere: Impossibile caricare la DLL iaStorAfsServiceApi.dll

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Come risolvere: Impossibile caricare la DLL iaStorAfsServiceApi.dll

Dopo aver aggiornato Windows 10 alla versione 19041, il sistema operativo ha cominciato a far comparire un notifica d’errore veramente fastidioso che riguarda il file iaStorAfsServiceApi.dll.
Il problema si verifica quando provo ad aprire un qualsiasi programma come il browser Chrome oppure cliccando con il tasto destro su file o cartella.
Intel Optane(tm) Memory Pinning Impossibile caricare la DLL iaStorAfsServiceApi.dll: Impossibile trovare il modulo specifico.

(Eccezione da HRESULT: 0x8007007E) L’errore in questione si risolve facilmente

non c’è da preoccuparsi.
Il malfunzionamento di Windows 10 possiamo attribuire al programma Tecnologia Intel Rapid Storage che in realtà dovrebbe migliorare la prestazione del nostro portatile o PC Desktop.
La tecnologia Intel Smart Response è una caratteristica della tecnologia Intel Rapid Storage che riconosce e memorizza automaticamente le applicazioni e i dati utilizzati più di frequente su un’unità SSD ad elevate prestazioni offrendo al contempo l’ampia capacità di storage di un disco fisso (HDD).
In questo modo è possibile utilizzare un’unità SSD a costi contenuti e di capacità ridotta insieme a un disco fisso ad alta capacità.
La tecnologia Intel® Smart Response consente al sistema di offrire prestazioni più veloci rispetto a un sistema dotato solo di un’unità disco fisso.
Come capita spesso, l’aggiornamento del sistema operativo porta anche problemi di incompatibilità sopratutto con i driver obsoleti che non aggiorniamo da anni.
Quindi quello che devi fare per risolvere l’errore “Impossibile caricare la DLL iaStorAfsServiceApi.dll“, consiste nel disinstallare il programma in questione e reinstallare una nuova versione.
Maggiori informazioni su questo software puoi trovare nel sito ufficiale da dove puoi anche scaricare l’ultima versione di Tecnologia Intel Rapid Storage.
Per avere i driver sempre aggiorni, ti consiglio di scaricarti il programma Driver Booster 6 che farà tutto quanto automaticamente con un clic.
Come risolvere: Impossibile caricare la DLL iaStorAfsServiceApi.dll.

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