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Congresspeople and Senators are critically important

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Write your congress person today.
WASHINGTON DC – The Senate and House have introduced the Prioritized Paycheck Protection Program (P4) Act.
This bill will emphasize funding to the arts and entertainment sector of the economy, among others.
The bill authorizes new lending under the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to small businesses with 100 employees or less, including sole proprietorships and self-employed individuals.

Eligible businesses must have already expended an initial PPP loan

or be on pace to exhaust the funding, and must demonstrate a revenue loss of 50 percent or more due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The bill would extend the application deadline for initial PPP loans from June 30 to December 30, or longer, at the discretion of the Small Business Administration (SBA) and would use existing PPP funding to make P4 loans.

To ensure that underserved and hardest-hit businesses can access P4 loans

publicly traded companies are ineligible for the loans; hospitality and lodging businesses with multiple locations are limited to an aggregate loan amount of $2 million; and the bill would reserve the lesser of $25 billion or 20 percent of PPP funds for employers with 10 or fewer employees, as well as small businesses in underserved and rural communities.
The bill also directs SBA to issue guidance to give priority to businesses with 10 employees or fewer in the processing and disbursement of P4 and PPP loans, .

And requires SBA to request demographic information of P4 and PPP loan recipients

Additionally, the P4 Act would: provide eligible small businesses with as much as 250 percent of monthly payroll costs worth up to $2 million; prevent affiliated businesses with separate locations from receiving more than $2 million in aggregate P4 loans; and allow P4 recipients maximum flexibility to apply for loan forgiveness as soon as 8 weeks after the loan disbursement.
Cardin, Coons & Shaheen Introduce Legislation to Get Capital to Small Businesses Hardest Hit by COVID-19 To ensure passage of this bill we must act quickly, please contact your Senators and Congresspeople to let them know you need their support on funding this bill.
To that end please click on the link below.
Once you find your officials, copy, and paste the message below in blue and send to them.
Congresspeople and Senators are critically important.
How to Contact Your Elected Officials June 23rd, 2020 Dear XXXXXXX, .

I am writing you concerning the survival of the Live Entertainment Production Industry

Please consider the following: LIVE ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCTION INDUSTRY RELIEF PLAN The Live Entertainment Production Industry is a 38 billion dollar a year industry with over 10 million people working in the industry, most of them on an event-by-event basis.
The Live Entertainment Production Industry will have zero income until crowds of 10,000 or more are permitted.
This is not anticipated before October 2020 at the earliest.
To survive, the Live Entertainment Production Industry must have your support in passing the Prioritized Paycheck Protection Program (P4) Act immediately.
Absent this relief, the entire industry will cease to exist.
The industry stands alone and away from the artists and promoters it works with, many of whom can survive with zero income.
Time is of the essence as the original funding has already begun to expire.
Sincerely, Name E-mail Phone number.

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Gewinnen Sie mit RPA einen zuverlässigen Softwarekollegen

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Business nachhaltig stärken Mit Office-Robotern schnell & agil reagieren 16.09.2020 | 10.00 – 12:30 Uhr Die vergangenen Monate verdeutlichten uns eindrucksvoll wie wichtig es ist schnell & agil auf Veränderungen reagieren zu können.
Mit der Einführung von Kollaborationstools und dem Ausbau der digitalen Infrastruktur sind die ersten Schritte bereits getan, jetzt heißt es dranbleiben.
Robotic Process Automation ist das Herzstück einer jeder Digitalstrategie und unterstützt Sie dabei, Ihr Business nachhaltig zu stärken.
Gewinnen Sie mit RPA einen zuverlässigen Softwarekollegen, der Ihre Fachkräfte entlastet und die Leistungsfähigkeit und Motivation Ihres Teams deutlich erhöht.
Verknüpfen Sie im Handumdrehen die verschiedenen Tools & Systeme Ihrer IT-Landschaft und sorgen Sie mit RPA für eine schnelle und agile Informationsversorgung Ihrer Mitarbeiter, unabhängig ob remote oder im Office.

Das spart am Ende nicht nur viel Zeit und Geld sondern auch Nerven

Erfahren Sie jetzt mehr.

Wir laden Sie herzlich ein zu unserem Online Seminar

Anschaulich und mit realen Prozessbeispielen und Erfolgsgeschichten stellen wir Ihnen den Office-Roboter vor und veranschaulichen wie RPA als zentraler Bestandteil Ihrer Digitalstrategie funktioniert.
Die Themen im Überblick Das MUST HAVE für ein nachhaltig starkes Busines | RPA – Die Leistungen & Einsatzmöglichkeiten im CheckUp Softwareroboter im Einsatz – Unser Einstieg in die Automatisierung  | Kundenreferenz: Die Entscheidung für den Bot Bots optimal auslasten – Mitarbeiter weiter entlasten | Kundenreferenz: Die Erfahrungen nutzen und Synergien schaffen RPA im Zentrum Ihrer Digitalstrategie | Verknüpfungen herstellen, Informationsfluss optimieren Jetzt anmeldenRPA.
Business nachhaltig stärken Mit Office-Robotern schnell und agil reagieren Datum: 16.09.2020 | 10.00 – 12:30 Uhr Der Beitrag RPA.

Business nachhaltig stärken | 16.09.2020 erschien zuerst auf Merentis GmbH


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Which one is more important…PDMP versus EPCS

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This is the fourth installment of a five blog series on Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs) and the Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS).
As the title suggests, one might ask which program is more important.
Of course, as the reader may suspect, the answer depends on the perspective of each individual user.

PDMP Importance Professionals working in fields such as public health

epidemiology and law enforcement are acutely aware of the accelerating epidemic of prescription drug abuse that has been growing across the United States for some time now (see my first blog in this series).
The effects of this social problem have become so widespread that it has been affecting medical professionals in a wide range of other fields as well.
Providers who work in behavioral health, addiction disorders, pain management, emergency departments, urgent care centers and even surgical specialists are all becoming, sadly, more familiar with the prescription drug abuse crisis.
The rising cost of this drug abuse crisis, as well as its accelerating pace, has made the issue of strengthening state PDMPs an important area of concern for many professionals in these circles.
As a result, these programs are finally beginning to garner more attention.

The benefits of utilizing PDMPs are relatively easy to summarize

When providers have access to accurate records regarding a patient’s prescription medication history they are more easily able to spot patterns of abuse and diversion of controlled substances and medications.
PDMPs eliminate the guess work for physicians who otherwise have to make intuitive decisions about a patient’s credibility in seeking powerful, highly regulated drugs.
Judging by current national trends, this more empirical approach to handling prescriptions is important because leaving controlled substance distribution to the ‘gut level decisions’ of physicians has been a proven failure.
Drug seekers and individuals who are seeking to abuse the system are quite often smart people, skilled manipulators, and, in many cases, highly innovative entrepreneurs with a strong motivation to deceive.
Physicians need real information about a patient’s prescription history and drug consumption patterns in order to effectively counter this dynamic.
As mentioned in a recent blog, the state of New York has been a pioneer with its I-STOP legislation which mandates that medical providers consult PDMPs prior to writing any new prescriptions.
Any medical provider in the state of New York who fails to comply with this mandate as of August 27, 2013, is liable to incur penalties including “fines, jail time and loss of licensure” according to a memorandum from the Medical Society of the State of New York.
New York’s I-STOP law is a major breakthrough for proponents of PDMP expansion for a number of reasons; the law effectively solves the problem of widespread non-participation through mandating that all physicians and practices actively consult the New York PDMP.
In addition to this all important first step, the state of New York has also made an effort to adequately fund their PDMP to the extent that it always functions and functions well.
These two developments effectively counter the largest obstacle which most state PDMPs are currently facing—a lack of willingness on behalf of providers to consistently utilize their local PDMP, as well as a lack of funding to make sure that PDMPs work well and are maintained effectively.
EPCS Importance If the prescriber’s practice generates a high volume of controlled substance prescriptions it generally makes good sense to consider EPCS.
This is particularly true if the clinician is already using electronic prescribing for legend drugs since EPCS eliminates the need to switch between these workflows, or to revert to paper or fax prescriptions.
With EPCS it is much easier to track and audit drug usage within an individual practice as well as a large group.
This function is growing in importance as one of the management tools to help deal with the current crisis.
In addition, prescribing controlled substances electronically also has the advantage of built-in clinical decision support in terms of drug-drug interactions, and drug dosage reminders, as well as other factors needed for reducing errors, enhancing patient safety, and improving overall treatment quality.
The availability of modular, DEA compliant and certified EPCS applications that can interface with existing EHRs makes this solution more feasible and certainly faster to implement.
Which is More Important.
From the point of view of choosing which program is more important, clearly it depends on a number of factors including a risk analysis of the specific types and number of prescriptions, as well as the individual statutes in your area.
It is clear that other states have recently addressed this issue with stricter regulations including reporting and tracking requirements that apply to prescribers, pharmacies, and, for some cases at the federal level, drug manufacturers.
Probably the most effective single new tool in the armamentarium to help mitigate and manage the epidemic is the requirement for pharmacies to upload controlled substance dispensing information to the state PDMPs within 24 hours (or a very short timeframe following pickup of the prescription).
Not all states have this narrow timeframe and many do not currently have the funds to support more sophisticated approaches to effectively monitor the problem and take action.
Despite this fact, the regulations are becoming much more detailed and they require more action and accountability from providers and pharmacists.
My personal opinion is that both PDMPs and EPCS should be coupled in usage whenever and wherever possible.
They are actually complementary.
In selected cases, where a person is identified as someone who is clearly abusing opioids the first approach is to confront the patient with the evidence and offer specialized treatment as the best option.
If addiction is clearly not the central issue, the physician must consider discharging the patient if appropriate.
Of course, the duty to report abuse to authorities will vary by state so that each individual patient and their behavior must be addressed on a case-by-case basis.
DrFirst has been working with a few states over the past 18 months to pilot applications that improve office workflow, making it much easier to access highly secure PDMP databases from inside an e-prescribing application.
These new features, being tested now, help reduce or eliminate the inefficiency of separate, .

Time consuming PDMP logins and reduce the need to decide which system is more important

My next and final blog on this topic will address differing prescriber roles and clinical workflow considerations.
***UPDATE: As we are publishing this blog, the ONC has announced that it is convening a new series of webinars to promote standardization of PDMPs, thus reflecting their importance to the national fight against prescription drug abuse.
(http://www.healthit.gov/buzz-blog/health-innovation/health-helping-fight-prescription-drug-abuse-epidemic/) The Controlled Substance Epidemic and Crisis PDMP – What is it.
EPCS – What’s New.
Which one is more important…PDMP versus EPCS.
The Physician and prescriber role in Controlled Substance Fraud and Abuse The post Which one is more important…PDMP versus EPCS.
appeared first on DrFirst.

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reliable and a default EXR Photoshop plugin in art

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Exr-IO 2 releasedDigital art editing solution for 2020 get Exr-IO 2.02 Kirlian Camera for Photoshop artists Exr-IO 2.00 is a kind of digital Kirlian camera for imaginative artists.
You can see things that were hidden from you all the time:Cryptomatte passes which generate automatically masks for your objects, billions of uncompressed colors.
Each and every shade, reflection and shadow of your 3D work can be now accessed and retouched.Exr-IO 2 lets you edit images in Photoshop like in full-featured video-compositing software!  Cryptomatte support The new version of the popular Exr-IO file format plug-in includes support for cryptomatte decoding.
Seeing exact and comprehensive Cryptomatte channels in Photoshop is like looking at the dark side of the moon: suddenly there is serious visual assistance for any kind of 3d artwork retouch.
Every object, layer, material or user defined object selection in 3D becomes a visible, editable Photoshop layer mask.
Salami-slice image compositing For two years we have gathered and studied the requests and wishes from creative artists and studios around the world.They expressed urgent needs for fluent, fast, precise and feature-rich production turnarounds when it comes to editing of professional image material.Exr-IO has become a fast, robust, reliable and a default EXR Photoshop plugin in art, game, vfx and industrial design studios.

Mipmap and Ripmap support Game designers

the vagabonds of many digital art developments, rapidly implement the EXR format in their production pipelines.

Exr-IO 2 now offers customizable reading and writing of mipmaps and ripmaps

They can be easily modified and prepared for any kind of texture creation.
Manage gigantic image data The new version of the popular Exr-IO file format plug-in incorporates additional features like reduced memory consumption and numerous quality, compatibility and stability improvements with better error handling.Artists can now open huge data sets with a large number of layers with significantly lower memory requirements than before while still keeping read performance very high.
Exploit the DOF and Motion Blur masks Did you ever wonder how to create masks and selections of hair, .

Moving objects or depth blur in Photoshop

This is no secret anymore.
Exr-IO 2 retrieves all this information from 3D Cryptomatte data and creates selection layers for you.

Your 3D Software can give you more

Don’t degrade your complex or expensive 3D software to a simple pinhole camera!It does not only paint colorful images – the 3D renderer works hard in background to calculate lights, reflections, depth and masks, hidden from your view.Use the powerful output channels from your favourite 3D App for advanced, .

Professional compositing in Photoshop


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Organizational effectiveness is broader than that

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How effective is your company, division or department.
I’m not merely referring to the efficient use of resources such as money, technology and materials.
Organizational effectiveness is broader than that.
It involves setting and accomplishing the right objectives with the right resources in the right way.
Since organizational effectiveness has more than one determinant, I want to share two key lessons I’ve learned that can help you whether you oversee an entire enterprise or a department.
These takeaways are especially applicable if you’re moving into a new role in an organization that’s underperforming.
Takeaway 1: Design Is Not Structure A common way to go awry when optimizing the effectiveness of an organization is by equating organizational design with creating its structure (typically represented by an organizational chart).
No matter what your preferred design approach is, keep a core tenet in mind: Solid organizational design involves considering a variety of elements.
Structure is simply one of them.
Organizational design elements include: Strategy: The way the organization plans to grow and participate (or compete) in its market Environment: The external and internal context of the organization (e.g., the economy, government regulations, corporate transformation and culture) Work requirements: The integral activities needed for the organization to operate Structure: The organizational form that coordinates how work is done (e.g., divisional, functional or matrix) Talent: The members of the organization who possess and use needed capabilities to accomplish work Processes: The systems and procedures that monitor and facilitate the flow of work Sound organizational design aligns these elements to achieve targeted objectives.
Such a design allocates talent along with other resources to the appropriate areas to execute the strategy.
When this happens, there are clear benefits.
For example, research has shown that organizational alignment can be a competitive advantage that produces “supernormal profits,” and that it can play “an important role in maintaining high levels of work engagement.” As you seek to optimize the design of your organization, try these five suggestions: 1.
Focus initially on strategy. While strategy is a fundamental element, driven executives frequently jump to other design elements before giving it enough consideration.
Weigh the capacity of talent. The design should facilitate the productivity of employees and managers.
An overly complicated design can be cumbersome for stakeholders, which can hinder productivity.
Use caution when creating structure around people. Reduce the likelihood of redesign in the future by examining work requirements prior to organizational talent.
Expect to make some structural adjustments for the people you have, but avoid using people as the sole basis for design.
Don’t expect 100% perfection. There is no such thing as the perfect design for all organizations.
Making trade-offs is a normal part of the process.
Measure success based on implementation.
Even your ideal design can fail if you don’t adequately anticipate how its implementation could affect the organization.
Create a change management plan to methodically put the design in place.
Takeaway 2: Organizational and Leadership Effectiveness Are Reciprocal While the best design enables an organization and its leaders to achieve business objectives, exceptional leaders can accelerate this outcome.

For my book, The Finesse Factor: How to Build Exceptional Leaders in STEM Organizations

I explored how such leaders not only effectively navigate office politics, manage interpersonal conflict and hold people accountable.
They also create a work environment where employees flourish thereby increasing business performance.
In fact, even organizations with less than optimal structures and processes can prosper — I’ve repeatedly seen exceptional leaders compensate for these organizational shortcomings.
What’s a pivotal enabler for such accomplishments.
These leaders convey a measured presence as they understand, process and deftly perform in tricky situations.
In other words, they personify finesse.
Optimizing an organization and its leaders can sustain positive business results.
This includes ensuring that you currently have leaders with the needed capabilities in the appropriate roles and constructing a robust leadership pipeline that continues to build a strong bench (i.e., succession management).
According to CEB research, companies with strong benches grow revenue and profit about twice as fast as companies with weak benches.
To make sure succession management is an ongoing process instead of an occasional activity, an effective organization ensures that leaders across the enterprise drive it and have metrics to evaluate it.
Exceptional leaders take the initiative to do this.
They recognize the importance of establishing a motivating work environment and developing a pipeline of leaders with the right capabilities who sustain this environment over time.
Exceptional leaders usually consider building their bench to be a crucial part of their roles.
If you asked them who their successors are, you likely wouldn’t get generic responses.
These leaders would probably give specific names.
They may also provide indicators of their bench strength (e.g., the percentage of positions with a “ready now” candidate and the designated successor retention rate).
If you want to gauge the quality of your leadership pipeline, here are some starting points: 1.
Determine the strength at key stages. How well does the pipeline develop those who do the following.
Lead themselves Lead others Lead managers Lead functions Lead businesses Lead general managers Lead the enterprise 2.
Check feeder sources. Feeder sources are key paths and roles that you determine to be precursors to the next stage in the pipeline.
Make sure you check the feeder sources for critical roles — without these roles, the organization would struggle to operate.
Calibrate with metrics. Define success indicators that you and your colleagues agree measure the quality of the pipeline.
In addition to the ones mentioned earlier, examples include: The percentage of effective leaders produced at each pipeline stage The utilization rate of development programs by high-potential and designated successor populations The total number of successors in the feeder source per critical role As you think about the next steps to ensure that your company, division or department accomplishes its objectives in the right way, keep the two preceding takeaways in mind.
Address multiple organizational elements as a part of design.
Optimize your leadership’s effectiveness to optimize organizational effectiveness.

Note: This article originally appeared in Forbes

________________________ Ryan Lahti is the managing principal of OrgLeader and author of The Finesse Factor: How to Build Exceptional Leaders in STEM Organizations.
Stay up to date on Ryan’s STEM organization tweets here: @ryanlahti Limited Offer Receive a free finesse assessment using the Finesse Proficiency Questionnaire (FPQ) with a verified purchase of The Finesse Factor.

Inquire via email ([email protected]) with “Free Finesse Assessment” as the subject line

(Photo: Meeting Room, Pexels).

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Stand Up Paddleboarding

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The club has just taken delivery of six brand new Stand Up Paddleboards and these are available to members to hire.
If you have not previously tried paddleboarding, we recommend you watch the introductory video by the manufacturer first.
Please note the following important points: fasten the ankle strap to your ankle do not drag the board across the ground, always carry it to and from the water get off the board while still in the water, don’t drive it onto the beach on your first outing we recommend you don’t go further out than a line between buoys X and C.
Please note the club rules that apply to paddleboarding: Stand Up Paddle-boarding is permissible in accordance with the following: Between 1 April and 30 September Wind strength below 13 knots Within an area defined as follows: Western club boundary – marks W – M – K – E – Eastern Club Boundary You can see a video of their first outing here.
To book a paddleboard please click here.

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