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6 habits of successful real estate investment managers

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Today’s real estate investment managers must address a number of challenges to stay competitive in an ever-changing industry.
In addition to meeting regulatory requirements and keeping up with the day-to-day operations, property investment managers are also faced with large volumes of data and tech-savvy investors.
How does this impact the life of investment managers.
It means many real estate firms are drowning in large volumes of data, but without the capability to leverage it for meaningful insights that can be used to make informed decisions.
Today’s investors expect high-quality reporting and transparency, and these factors can greatly influence which real estate organisation they select.
How real estate investment technology can help The ideal investment solution should be able to rationalise large amounts of information from many sources, automate the aggregation of that information, and run scenarios that enable you to make better investment choices.
The manual processes of many real estate firms today simply can’t efficiently handle these functions.
At any point in the investment value chain (single/multiple portfolios or asset classes), your formula for success must include: 1.
Strategic planning – You’ll need to be able to leverage large volumes of data from multiple sources, including financial and non-financial information.

Mitigating risk – Stop relying on spreadsheets to manage your portfolio

Switching to a central data repository allows for controlled collaboration and visibility to minimise errors.

Managing data – Improve data quality with tools for extracting

analysing and transforming data into meaningful insights.
Increasing agility – Quickly create what-if scenarios to make strategic business decisions and navigate changing market conditions.
Seeing the bigger picture – Provide a better view of information through intuitive software, regular updates, risks and rewards.
Counting the pennies – Get the bottom end right and back everything up with a strong property management system.
MRI Software is dedicated to providing end-to-end real estate investment management solutions that meet the unique needs of the industry.
By leveraging technology to strategically maximise your portfolio, your organisation will be primed to rise to the challenges and keep investors satisfied while adapting to change.
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3) IP Address) PiHole IPV4 and IPV6 addresses

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What is PiHole (Version 5).
fyi: I updated this post 3 months after I created it as I killed my 32GB Raspberry Pi Micro SD card when I pulled the power (before a storm) without shutting down the Raspberry PIU first.
Always shutdown the pi before removing the power.
I have a 16GB Micro SD card that I will use instead.

I am following my guide to re setup up my PiHole

Snip from WikiPedia:  “Pi-hole is a Linux network-level advertisement and Internet tracker blocking application which acts as a DNS sinkhole (and optionally a DHCP server), intended for use on a private network.
It is designed for use on embedded devices with network capability, such as the Raspberry Pi, but it can be used on other machines running Linux and cloud implementations.
Pi-hole has the ability to block traditional website advertisements as well as advertisements in unconventional places, such as smart TVs and mobile operating system advertisements.” What is a Raspberry PI.
A Raspberry PI is an inexpensive (5V Volt, 2 Amp) ARM based computer that can run off the power from a USB cable.
Here is a photo of my Raspberry Pi 3B+  with an Adafruit LCD Screen My Raspberry Pi has the following specifications  4 x 1.4GHz 64-bit (quad-core processor) 1GB LPDDR2 SDRAM Dual-band wireless LAN Bluetooth 4.2/BLE, Faster Ethernet Extended 40-pin GPIO header Full-size HDMI 4 USB 2.0 ports 5V/2.5A DC power input My screen has the following specifications (purchased from Pakronics) 3.5″ display with 480×320 16-bit colour pixels Resistive touch overlay I plugged in a full sized USB Keyboard, Mouse and HDMI cable.
SD Card Choice Read my guide to download and write an Raspberry Pi Operating System to an SD card.
I would not put a cheap/slow MicroSD card in the Raspberry PI, aim for at least a UHS (1) or UHS (3) speed SD card for the best bang for buck.
fyi: I bought a new 32GB Samsung UHS 1 Ultra Micro SD card and it died after 12 hours of use.
I replaced it with another 32GB No name brand CLASS 10 SD Card I had laying around.
(after I killed my 32GB Micro SD card I have chosen a 16GB Micro SD card as it is all I have spare) Raspberry Setup I download and saved the Raspian (Full) Operating System to a SD Card and inserted it into my Raspberry PI 3B+ (view the guide here on preparing an Operating System on a SD card).
I used the American 110-240V AC to 5.25V  2500ma DC power supply (with a US to AUS adaptor) that came with the Adafruit Screen.  It had a Micro USB connection on one end.

It did not work though (I just had a flashing red light on the Raspberry Pi)

I had an Australian 240V AC to 5V 2500ma DC power supply to Micro USB.  from a previous project and it worked (the Raspberry Pi Started up).
I also have a number of Moki brand 240V to USB (1A and 2.4A) adapters.  I will use the 2.4mA  plug.
I know my Adafruit screen uses 100mA so this will do.
I plugged the HDMI cable into my Monitor and set up the HDMI as a Picture in Picture output so I can see my Main 4K screen (Display Port) and the Raspberry Pi HDMI input at the same time.
My First Raspberry Pi Boot Mmmm my 4K screen with a 1080P HDMI picture in picture image (from the Raspberry Pi).

The Raspberry Pi  booted fast and a welcome screen appeared Apologies in advance

photos below are bad (I don’t have a HDMI capture card).
I clicked Next to setup the Raspberry PI I set my timezone and language I set a password I skipped connecting to WiFi (I want pure Ethernet) I was prompted to update the software (I clicked Next) Setup is complete I rebooted the Raspberry Pi Second Boot I changed further configuration by clicking the Raspberry Pi start button then Preferences then Raspberry PI Configuration I changed the hostname to “raspberrypihole”, set Boot to CLI , Login as “pi“, and set Wait for network.
Update: After my Samsung SD card died I re setup my PI with a no name brand SD card and entered the name “raspberrypihole“ Under display I reviewed the display options I enabled SSH, SPI and I2C.
I increased the GPU memory to 132GB Time for a Reboot SSH Access I do not want to leave a keyboard, mouse and screen connected once I finish setting it up so I setup a SSH connection to the Raspberry Pi.

TIP: Putty is a free program for SSH connections

I SSH’ed (more information on SSH below) to the Raspberry Pi and ran these commands to update it’s software and firmware.
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade Output [email protected]:~ $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade Hit:1 buster InRelease Hit:2 buster InRelease Reading package lists.
Done Reading package lists.
Done Building dependency tree Reading state information.
Done Calculating upgrade.
Done 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
The program “htop” is good for viewing system resources.
Now it’s time to look at the Adafruit screen and case.

I put the Raspberry PI in the Adafruit Case I purchased this kit for the Raspberry Pi

the LCD screen just connects to the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins.  It has a Adafruit LCD screen and a case for my Raspberry Pi 3B+ The screen just connects onto the GPIO pins The LCD screen allows you to use pins below the screen.
GPIO pins documentation from A nice stack ???? The case clips are hard to clip over the Raspberry Pi (Don’t force it or you might break for Pi) The case clip near the GPIO pins is on The clip near the power plug was off because the Raspberry Pi was not positioned correctly After 30 minutes I carefully put the Raspberry Pi and LCD screen into the Case.
Side of the case with USB and Ethernet and USB porws exposed.
HDMI, Power and Audio plugs are visible and lined up ???? The screen is visible through the case The screen dips down on one side, I might have to prop it up (hot glue gun) a bit inside later SSH Connections to the Raspberry PI I created an SSH connection to my Raspberry PI with MobaXterm (review here) and connected to it.
I ran the “ifconfig” command to get a list of all network interfaces.
I ran “ifconfig” to list all network interfaces.
I ran these commands to update my Raspberry PI Software sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade sudo apt full-upgrade sudo apt -y dist-upgrade I updated the Pi Firmware too  (this is dangerous, only update if you have issues).
sudo rpi-update I rebooted and connected to the Raspberry Pi and ran this command to get the Ethernet and wireless mac address.
The first interface is my Ethernet adopter the second if the WiFi adaptor.
ifconfig |grep ether ether b8:27:eb:d9:00:86 txqueuelen 1000 ether b8:27:eb:8c:55:d3 txqueuelen 1000 The first Mac address is my Ethernet address on The Raspberry PI and the second is WiFi.
I logged into my router (Telstra DJA0230) and clicked Advanced then Local Network.  I could see my DHCP range was from to, I shortened this to to (so I can set a static IP Address for the Raspberry PI) then I set a Static IP address for the Raspberry pi to
I rebooted the Raspberry PI and checked the IP address  I logged into my Router (at When my Samsung SD card died I had to re-setup a new SD card but the IP address came across as the mac address stayed the same (as it was the same hardware), I did, however, change the name of the Static IP hostname in my home router to match the new name “raspberrypihole” (not “pihole”) I set a static IP for this Ethernet address and defined as the IP address.
Setting Up PiHole on the RaspBerry PI I SSH’ed to my Raspberry Pi (with the new IP address) and ran this command Now its time to install Pi Hole onto My Raspberry Pi wget -O sudo bash I was presented with “This installer will transform your device into a network-wide ad blocker.
“ I was presented with “This installer will transform your device into a network-wide ad blocker.
“ PiHole is free, but powered by your donations (consider donating) I donated.
Thanks PiHole Team.
This will pay for itself in no time.
Static IP address is required.
I chose to just have PiHole work on Ethernet (and not Wifi) I was prompted to set my upstream DNS provider.
I selected all default blacklist lists.

I allowed PiHole to use IPv4 and IPv6

My IP and Gateway was displayed on the screen

Final warning about setting a static IP address.
The PiHole IPv6 address is show Install a admin interface (Yes) Install lighthttpd (Yes) I chose to log all DNS queries.
I oped to allow the viewing of all logged data.
This is less secure but I can reduce this later.
PiHole is now setting up Installation took about 10 minutes A PiHole admin URL and Password was displayed (write this down) I loaded the PiHole initial admin screen ( and it was a bit empty.
PiHole Interface I logged into my PiHole (at http://192.1768.0.201/admin/) with the password provided during setup.
The Raspberry Pi Pi Hole service was up and waiting for connections I have Zero traffic going through the PiHole.
Before I add computers on my network to the PiHole I had better uninstall the (my blog post about here) as the Pi will now be the main DNS blocking Sinkhole in our house.

On my Windows 10 PC I added the DNS server for the PiHole in IPV4 and IPV6

I obtained the PiHole IPV4 and IPV6 addresses (1) PiHole Admin

2) Pi Hole Settings Page, 3) IP Address) PiHole IPV4 and IPV6 addresses.

I added the Pi Holes IPV4 IP address to my Windows 10 IP Settings

I added the Pi Holes IPV6 IP address to my Windows 10 IP Settings

After 20 hours or rining computers through the Pi-Hole Admin interface I loaded the PiHole Admin Interface (at was reporting stats.
I can view stats for Protocol and answered queries I can also see stats for permitted and blocked domains Default Block Lists I can also see the source blocked domains Add 3rd party block lists I added these block lists to my PiHole list of sites to block (Thanks Jol) https://ranso.
LCD Screen Setup I followed thin guide to setup the screen.
I can this code from the pi (logged in as root) cd ~ wget chmod +x sudo ./ I was prompted to choose a screen Select configuration: 1.
PiTFT 2.4", 2.8" or 3.2" resistive (240x320) 2.
PiTFT 2.2" no touch (240x320) 3.
PiTFT 2.8" capacitive touch (240x320) 4.
PiTFT 3.5" resistive touch (320x480) 5.
PiTFT Mini 1.3" or 1.54" display (240x240) 6.
MiniPiTFT 1.14" display (240x135) - WARNING.
Quit without installing SELECT 1-7: I entered “3” for PiTFT 2.8″ capacitive touch (240×320) I then was prompted to set the rotation of the screen Select rotation: 1.
90 degrees (landscape) 2.
180 degrees (portait) 3.
270 degrees (landscape) 4.
0 degrees (portait) SELECT 1-4: I entered “3” for 270 degrees (landscape).
I was prompted to allow the console to appear on the screen Would you like the console to appear on the PiTFT display.
[y/n] y Install Summary I rebooted Reboot [y/n] y I edited /boot/config.txt and changed these values framebuffer_width=320 framebuffer_height=240 Installing PADD to display PiHole stats on the LCD I followed this guide to install PADD (the software that displays the PiHole stats on the LCD screen) cd ~ wget -N mv padd.txt chmod +x Making PADD starts at boot Edit this file sudo nano ~/.bashrc and add the following to the end of the file # Run PADD # If we're on the PiTFT screen (ssh is xterm) if [ "$TERM" == "linux" ] ; then while : do /root/ sleep 0.2 done fi I rebooted the PI.
sudo showdown -r now How to Update the PiHole from the CLI I ran the following command to update the PiHole block lists pihole -g Output… [i] Pi-hole blocking is enabled [i] Neutrino emissions detected.
[✓] Pulling blocklist source list into range [i] Target: (hosts) [✓] Status: Retrieval successful [i] Target: (justdomains) [✓] Status: No changes detected [i] Target: (hosts) [✓] Status: No changes detected [i] Target: (simple_tracking.txt) [✓] Status: No changes detected [i] Target: (simple_ad.txt) [✓] Status: No changes detected [i] Target: (ad_servers.txt) [✓] Status: No changes detected [i] Target: (ytadblock.txt) [✓] Status: Retrieval successful [i] Target: (Easyprivacy.txt) [✓] Status: No changes detected [i] Target: (Prigent-Ads.txt) [✓] Status: No changes detected [i] Target: (notrack-blocklist.txt) [✓] Status: Retrieval successful [i] Target: (hosts) [✓] Status: Retrieval successful [i] Target: (spy.txt) [✓] Status: Retrieval successful [i] Target: (ads-and-tracking-extended.txt) [✓] Status: Retrieval successful [i] Target: (firstparty-trackers-hosts.txt) [✓] Status: Retrieval successful [i] Target: (multiparty-trackers-hosts.txt) [✓] Status: Retrieval successful [i] Target: (android-tracking.txt) [✓] Status: Retrieval successful [i] Target: (SmartTV.txt) [✓] Status: Retrieval successful [i] Target: (AmazonFireTV.txt) [✓] Status: Retrieval successful [i] Target: (Airelle-trc.txt) [✓] Status: No changes detected [i] Target: (Mandiant_APT1_Report_Appendix_D.txt) [✓] Status: No changes detected [i] Target: (Test.txt) [✓] Status: Retrieval successful [i] Target: (notrack-malware.txt) [✓] Status: Retrieval successful.
Usage: pihole [options] Example: 'pihole -w -h' Add '-h' after specific commands for more information on usage Whitelist/Blacklist Options: -w, whitelist Whitelist domain(s) -b, blacklist Blacklist domain(s) --wild, wildcard Wildcard blacklist domain(s) --regex, regex Regex blacklist domains(s) Add '-h' for more info on whitelist/blacklist usage Debugging Options: -d, debug Start a debugging session Add '-a' to enable automated debugging -f, flush Flush the Pi-hole log -r, reconfigure Reconfigure or Repair Pi-hole subsystems -t, tail View the live output of the Pi-hole log Options: -a, admin Web interface options Add '-h' for more info on Web Interface usage -c, chronometer Calculates stats and displays to an LCD Add '-h' for more info on chronometer usage -g, updateGravity Update the list of ad-serving domains -h, --help, help Show this help dialog -l, logging Specify whether the Pi-hole log should be used Add '-h' for more info on logging usage -q, query Query the adlists for a specified domain Add '-h' for more info on query usage -up, updatePihole Update Pi-hole subsystems Add '--check-only' to exit script before update is perfo rmed.
-v, version Show installed versions of Pi-hole, Web Interface & FTL Add '-h' for more info on version usage uninstall Uninstall Pi-hole from your system status Display the running status of Pi-hole subsystems enable Enable Pi-hole subsystems disable Disable Pi-hole subsystems Add '-h' for more info on disable usage restartdns Restart Pi-hole subsystems checkout Switch Pi-hole subsystems to a different Github branch Add '-h' for more info on checkout usage After 1 Week After 1 week stats were rolling into the PIHole.
40% of all traffic was being blocked.
I could see blocked and allowed domain calls I can white list domains if they are blocked.
Done This is what it looks like done Nice Did it block Ad’s Mostly Yes.
Not all advertisements are blocked but most are.
Some YouTube Advertisements seem to get through but I am seeing far less Advertisements in web pages Using Python to use buttons on the PiTFT Plus 320×240 TFT Touchscreen with a PiHole Read this guide to make the buttons word: Using Python to use buttons on the PiTFT Plus 320×240 TFT Touchscreen with a PiHole Troubleshooting If you receive an update about updating languages on your first boot while updating you can manually update all software by running this after you first reboot in a Terminal window.
sudo apt-get update && apt-get full-upgrade If your Micro SD cad is filling up you can run to free some space sudo apt clean I needed to white list “” to allow my video card drivers to upodate.

Cooling The Raspberry Pi is running cool at 47c (even though it is in a tight space)

I might add a heat pipe to it and have an external fan.  I will thermal epoxy the hat pipe to the Pi CPU and run it outside to a external heat sink and fan.
I have many spare heat sinks laying around.
I will update when the part’s arrive.
Update: I did not end up adding extra cooling, there was no need in summer.
Rotating the screen I did exit my /boot/config.txt to rotate my LCD Screen orientation  Buttons Read this guide to see how I setup a Python script to make my buttons work.
Do edit your /boot.config.txt to configure your screen rotation (if need be) and to check if the LCD screen is setup (by Adafruit) framebuffer_width=240 framebuffer_height=320 Backup and Restore PiHole Settings I used the PiHole Backup feature (at to backup all of my PiHole Settings to a zip file.
Handy Links Handy Guide: to configure the LCD Screen Schematics of the screen: Donate to PiHole: Raspberry Pi GPIO Pins:     v 2.3 Updating to PiHole 5.1.2 The post Setting up a Raspberry PI as a DNS Sinkhole to block ads and Trackers appeared first on IoT, Code, Security and Server Stuff.

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Veganer nehmen keine tierischen Produkte zu sich

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Wie gesund ist vegane Ernährung wirklich.
Gefährlicher Hype oder gesunde Ernährungsumstellung.
Vegane Ernährung findet immer mehr Befürworter und Anhänger.
Doch ebenso häufen sich die Mythen Fragen zu dem tierlieben Ernährungsmodell.
Welche Informationen sind wahr, und was musst du beachten, wenn du dich ohne gesundheitliche oder ökologische Nachteile vegan ernähren möchtest.
Was bedeutet eine vegane Ernährung konkret.
Veganer nehmen keine tierischen Produkte zu sich.
Die Ernährungsform ist, abgesehen von ihrem kulturellen Hintergrund, aus dem Vegetarismus hervorgegangen.
Vegetarier nehmen aber zumeist Hühnereier, Honig oder Milchprodukte zu sich – Veganer lehnen strikt alles ab, was tierischen Ursprunges ist.
Ethisch motivierte Veganer weiten ihren Verzicht auf tierische Produkte auch auf ihren Alltag aus, indem sie z.B.
Kleidung aus Leder oder Seide boykottieren.
Motivationsgründe für die Ernährungsumstellung – Interesse am Tierwohl – Politische Motivation – gesundheitliche Aspekte – spirituelle Grundsätze Die Entscheidung, sich vegan zu ernähren, kann verschiedene Ursachen haben und ist eine persönliche Überzeugung.
Welches auch immer deine Motivation ist – es gibt ein paar Dinge zu beachten, damit dir die Ernährungsumstellung gelingt und du keine gesundheitlichen Nachteile durch vegane Ernährung hast.
Welche gesundheitlichen Vorteile hat eine vegane Ernährung.
Richtig angewandt, hat eine vegane Ernährung erhebliche positive Auswirkungen auf die Gesundheit, denn Veganer achten meistens sehr viel mehr auf ihre Ernährung und geben gesunden Lebensmitteln den Vorzug.

Durch den Verzicht auf tierische Fette haben sie deutlich niedrigere Cholesterinwerte

und auch die oft erhöhte Kaliumzufuhr durch den vermehrten Genuss von Obst und Gemüse unterstützen die Herzgesundheit immens.

Die bewusste Lebensweise vieler Veganer macht sie leistungsfähiger und senkt ihr Risiko

an Übergewicht, Diabetes, Krebs oder Bluthochdruck zu erkranken.

Fast-Food für Veganer Vegane Ernährung ist im Alltag mittlerweile einfacher geworden

und zumindest in den Großstädten gibt es ein breitgefächertes Angebot an veganen Lebensmitteln in den Supermärkten, es finden sich vegane Restaurants und vegane Gerichte in vielen Speiselokalen.
Trotzdem besteht natürlich die Gefahr, dass man sich, gerade beim Einstieg in die vegane Ernährung, durch Unwissenheit und Zeitmangel zum Fast-Food-Veganer entwickelt.
Morgens ein Instant-Porridge, tagsüber viele Kartoffelchips, geröstete Erdnüsse, vegane Superfood-Riegel – alles das ist schnell zur Hand, und dann abends noch ein veganes Schnitzel mit Avocado-Kartoffelpüree.

Den ganzen Tag ohne tierische Produkte gegessen – aber auch ohne Gesundheitsbewusstsein

Veganismus macht weder automatisch schlank, noch umgehend gesund.

Es ist nicht nur Eisenmangel oder eine Unterversorgung mit Vitamin B12

vor der sich Veganer in Acht nehmen müssen – es ist auch die Gefahr, eine gesunde Ernährung links liegen zu lassen vor lauter Mühe, auf tierische Produkte zu verzichten.
Die wichtigsten Nährstoffe für die vegane Ernährung Wenn du dich vegan ernähren möchtest, solltest du die folgenden Austauschregeln beachten, um keinen Nährstoffverlust zu erleiden.
Diese Liste zeigt dir, welche Stoffe dein Körper benötigt und wie du sie in deinen veganen Speiseplane einbauen kannst: Proteine sind ein unverzichtbarer Baustein deines Körpers.
Durch vegane Ernährung verzichtest du auf wichtige Proteinlieferanten wie Fleisch oder Milchprodukte.
0,8g/kg Körpergewicht solltest du mindestens am Tag an Proteinen zu dir nehmen.
Du kannst diesen Bedarf über Sojaprodukte, Hülsenfrüchte oder Nüsse und Haferflocken ganz gut decken.
Kalzium kannst du dir zum Beispiel über den Genuss von Sesampasten oder Brokkoli und anderes grünes Gemüse zuführen – probiere mal gedämpften Grünkohl mit Mandelmus und gröstetem Sesam zum Mittagessen.
Eisen in genügender Menge aufzunehmen, fällt auch Nichtveganern oft schwer.
Eisen ist wichtig für den Sauerstofftransport im Blut – wenn du dich durch die vegane Ernährung müde und abgeschlagen fühlst, liegt es oft daran, dass du nicht genügend Eisen zu dir nimmst.
Baue viele Hülsenfrüchte und Vollkornprodukte in deine vegane Ernährung ein, auch lange gegärtes Sauerteigbrot ist ein guter Eisenlieferant.

Omega-3-Fettsäuren bekommen Nicht-Veganer vor allem durch Fisch auf ihrem Teller

Hier kommt das Powerfood ins Spiel: Chia-Samen, Hanföl oder Leinsamen sind gute Alternativen.
Vitamin D und Vitamin B12 sind die häufigsten Argumente gegen eine vegane Ernährung.

Beim Verzicht auf tierische Produkte kann es schnell zu Mangelerscheinungen kommen

Sofern du nicht in einem sonnenverwöhnten Land wie Indien lebst, wo vegane Ernährung häufig aus religiöser Überzeugung praktiziert wird, wirst du kaum um Nahrungsergänzung in Form von VitaminB12-Komplexen herumkommen.
Außerdem solltest du täglich nach draußen gehen – auch wenn die Sonne nicht scheint, wird dein Vitamin-D-Spiegel es dir danken.
Vegane Ernährung für Risikogruppen Schwangere Frauen und Frauen während der Stillzeit sollten spezielle Präparate mit Nährstoffkomplexen zu sich nehmen, wenn sie nicht auf eine vegane Ernährung verzichten möchten.
Mittlerweile gibt es in den Apotheken eine große Anzahl verschiedener Supplementierungsprodukte.
VitaminB12-Mangel ist für Säuglinge schnell lebensbedrohlich, hier darf kein Risiko eingegangen werden.
Sportler können durch bewusste vegane Ernährung zu Spitzenleistungen befähigt werden.
Wenn du viel Sport treibst, solltest du unbedingt darauf achten, deine Zufuhr an Protein anzupassen.
Lupinenmehl, ein bisher noch relativ unbekanntes Mehl aus den Hülsenfrüchten der Süßlupine, ist ein Lieferant an hochwertigem Protein und eignet sich hervorragend für die Zubereitung von Pancakes nach dem Training.

Kinder und Kleinkinder vegan zu ernähren ist mit etwas mehr Planung verbunden

Das Kind wird seine vegane Ernährung vermutlich auf einer Einladung auch mal außer Acht lassen.

Sofern das Kind genug draußen an der Sonne spielt um Vitamin D und Spaß zu tanken

und dem erhöhten Kalziumbedarf im Wachstum über den Speiseplan Rechnung getragen wird, bestehen hier keine Risiken einer Mangelerscheinung.
Ganz oder gar nicht.
Vegane Ernährung ist keine Einbahnstrasse Wenn du einfach mal gucken und ausprobieren möchtes, ob vegane Ernährung etwas für dich ist, nur zu.

Schon nach wenigen Tagen wirst du merken

ob dein Körper mit mehr Power oder eher mit Müdigkeit reagiert.
Beides ist möglich – prüfe, ob du dich ausreichend mit Nährstoffen versorgt hast.
Auch, wenn du dich gegen eine Fortführung dieser Ernährungsform entscheidest – hin und wieder einen veganen Tag einzulegen, kann dir und deiner Umwelt nützen, da viele vegane Produkte nachhaltig und klimaschonend produziert und vertrieben werden.
Falls du dir unsicher bist, ob du in deinem Alltag durch vegane Ernährung zu sehr eingeschränkt bist, besorge dir gute vegane Kochbücher und suche Mitstreiter in deinem Freundeskreis.
Und lasse bei deinem nächsten Arztbesuch ein Blutbild machen, damit du deinen veganen Speiseplan an deine Bedürfnisse anpassen kannst.
The post Vegane Ernährung soll gesund sein.
Worauf sollte man dabei achten.
appeared first on update Fitness AG.

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Mittelstand hilft Mittelstand ist eine Initiative

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Zeitfresser eliminieren durch Digitalisierung Am 23

Januar 2020 findet die Mittelstand hilft Mittelstand (MHM) Veranstaltung zum Thema Digitalisierung im DVAG Berufsbildungszenturm in Erfurt-Bindersleben statt.
Neben interessanten Impulsvorträgen, wie „Angewandte Digitalisierung“ oder „360° IT Security und Monitoring“, wird auch APPsolute Mobility einen Vortrag mit dem Thema „Mit einem Klick zur eigenen App“ mit Alexandra Kulfanová und Lukas Beck.
Mittelstand hilft Mittelstand ist eine Initiative.

Die dem lokalen Mittelstand eine Plattform und das Netzwerk gibt

sich gemeinsam wirtschaftlich zu stärken.
Sie möchten mehr erfahren.
Rufen Sie uns an unter: +49 (0) 911 957 639 – 73 oder schreiben Sie uns eine E-Mail an: [email protected] Nehmen Sie teil an der Mittelstand hilft Mittelstand Veranstaltung am 23.
Januar… …und verpassen Sie auf keinen Fall den Vortrag „Mit einem Klick zur App – Der digitale Arbeitsplatz für jeden Mitarbeiter“ von Alexandra Kulfanová und Lukas Beck.

Einlass ist ab 17:30 Uhr mit einem Sektempfang und Buffet

die Veranstaltung beginnt um 18:30 Uhr.

Agenda Entstehung und Ziele Impulsvorträge u

mit APPsolute Mobility Unternehmer stellen sich vor Ausblick Ab 20 Uhr freies Netzwerken Der Beitrag APPsolute Mobility bei MHM Veranstaltung in Erfurt erschien zuerst auf APPsolute Mobility.

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Tsutsugo seems tailor-made to help an MLB team come 2020

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When it comes to Nippon Professional Baseball

the most persistent topic of discussion tends to be the names of the players who are going to try and make the jump to Major League Baseball.
There are a number of NPB players who have been vocal about their desire to play in MLB one day.
Unfortunately, because of the current posting system and clubs who will not let players be posted, most of these players are more hope than actuality.
There are, though, certain players who will be posted in the near future, including one player who has made it known he wants to make the jump next season.
Yoshitomo Tsutsugo has let everyone know for a while now that MLB is where he wants his career to turn to next.
The third baseman, outfielder, and designated hitter is eligible to be posted come 2020.
All signs point to his team, the Yokohama DeNA BayStars, being willing to grant him his wish and post him for MLB teams to bid on his negotiating rights.
While he’s not a player who will garner the heavy interest of a Hideki Matsui or Masahiro Tanaka, nor a player able to attract attention through his ridiculous talent level like a Shohei Ohtani, he’s also not someone to dismiss.

He’s had a great NPB career and if I were to bet money on him succeeding in MLB

I’d be willing to wager a fair amount.
For his career, Tsutsugo has slashed .285/.382/.528 with 205 home runs in 10 NPB seasons (he also had a very brief stint in 2015-2016 with Leones del Escogido of Liga de Béisbol Profesional de la República Dominicana that did not turn out that well).
The power numbers are present, as is his ability to get on base and do more than just mash home runs.
He is a modern baseball player in that he strikes out a fair amount, but that comes with the territory these days and it’s not like he strikes out at a super concerning level.
His defense would play at first base, .

But he’s more suited for a corner outfield spot or stints in a DH role

No matter where he has played in 2019 or where he has hit in the lineup, .

The Hashimoto native has produced

He has put together another great season for the BayStars both traditionally and in a more advanced sense.
His .272/.388/.511 slash line and 29 home runs are in line with his previous production.
Beyond those numbers, he’s posted a .239 ISO, .391 wOBA, and 138 WRC+.

His Spd of 1.0 is actually pretty good for a big bopper such as Tsutsugo

His season total dWAR of 1.6 is not as high as in years past, .

But spending time at DH comes with a penalty

His latest season is not an outlier, but rather a continuation of the success he first found in the 2014 season.
Tsutsugo seems tailor-made to help an MLB team come 2020.
He has the power in his bat to hit 20+ home runs, fits well into the positional flexibility that teams want, and–based on his ability to get on base–could be plugged into a team’s lineup in the 2 spot and set the table nicely for those batting behind him.
He may not carry the cache of recent big-name crossovers, .

But Tsutsugo has the potential to succeed in MLB

I see no reason to doubt that he will do exactly that and then some.

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Compound that with COVID-19 and the stresses

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Joining co-hosts Dennis McCuistion and Jim Falk is Dr

George Friedman, author of The Storm Before the Calm.
Whether it be good times or bad, nations go through cycles.
We are presently in the midst of two very divergent cycles, an economic one and a social one.
Compound that with COVID-19 and the stresses, both economic and social it is causing and we are at a perfect storm.

From top left: Dennis McCuistion

Jim Falk and George Friedman discuss Surviving Political Crisis via Zoom According to Dr.
Friedman, the era we are in is one of the first times the social and economic cycles actually coincide.
This could mean we are in a very intense time for us all – countries and individuals.

Friedman says we are a warlike nation

a dynamic power, which came out of nowhere.
As a nation, we are controlling and intrusive.
We feel responsible for how countries operate and yet don’t enjoy being in that position.
Regardless, .

We are the only global power in the world; its largest importer with ¼ of the world’s GDP

Cycles matter and they predict the future.
Today because of world events, COVID, and political situations, we are at the epicenter of major change.
So where will this take us.
Today’s world is accelerating these cycles and compromising our leaders. Covid has put everything on steroids.
Join us to learn more about how geo-politics impact us all everyday.

And once again we are honored to be underwritten by The Hatton W

Sumner’s Foundation, Inc.
The McCuistion Program, a 501 ( C ) ( 3 ) tax-exempt organization does not receive any KERA pledge dollars, PBS funds, or government grants.
The funding which has kept us on the air for 28 years comes from grantors and viewers just like you.
So thank you for your continued support.

Be sure to watch more McCuistion TV programs on our website, at on YouTube, McCuistionTV.
We appreciate you, Niki McCuistion, CSP Co-founder/ Executive Producer Certified Speaker, Coach, Consultant in Transforming Organizational Culture… Aligning Purpose, Performance and People [email protected] 214 750-5157 | | | *** 2618.

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– Because it’s not the fall that kills you

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– How can you be alive.
I saw you die.
Why aren’t you dead.
– Because it’s not the fall that kills you, Sherlock.
Of all people, you should know that, it’s not the fall, it’s never the fall.
It’s the landing.

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Shampoo seco: para evitar lavar o cabelo todos os dias

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Uso de ferramentas de calor sem proteção térmica Não é novidade para ninguém que a chapinha, o babyliss e principalmente o secador de cabelos são equipamentos que agilizam os cuidados com a aparência no dia a dia.
Todavia, não confunda utilidade com descaso, excesso e dependência.
As altas temperaturas são prejudiciais para os fios, deixando eles sensibilizados e com toque mais áspero.
O volume do cabelo tende a diminuir drasticamente quando exageramos na incidência de calor no couro cabeludo e nas madeixas propriamente ditas.
Quando usar qualquer equipamento no cabelo, reduza a temperatura para não ficar muito quente.
Também não abra mão do protetor térmico para minimizar os danos.
Por fim, espace o uso e tente apostar no seu visual natural.
Muitas vezes, impomos a nós mesmas determinados padrões que sequer combinam com o nosso estilo e formato de rosto.
Seja consciente e se orgulhe do seu cabelo natural, deixando os procedimentos diferenciados e agressivos somente para ocasiões especiais.
Acúmulo de resíduos Não cuidar do cabelo e não usar produtos específicos para cada ocasião é um problema.
Porém exagerar na dose e deixar o cabelo pesado de tantos cremes e óleos diferentes pode ser ainda pior.
Cada item tem a sua razão de ser e devemos respeitar as funcionalidades as quais eles se propõe.
Leia as instruções dos rótulos e procure sempre seguir elas à risca.
Um costume muito errado que muitas pessoas têm, somente a título de exemplo, é usar condicionador aos montes e deixar um restinho nos fios sem enxaguar direito.
Ao contrário do que se imagina, isso não melhora a hidratação.
Somente acumula resíduos nos intervalos entre as fibras capilares.
Veja quais são os produtos que, de fato, se mostram indispensáveis no dia a dia: Shampoo: use para lavar os cabelos mas em pouca quantidade e somente na região da raiz para limpar o couro cabeludo.
Isso ajuda a preservar a hidratação e proteção natural dos fios.
Máscara de tratamento: deve ser usada depois do shampoo, quando as cutículas capilares estão abertas e os nutrientes conseguem penetrar na estrutura do fio.
Deixe agindo pelo tempo recomendado e enxágue bem.
Repita o processo a cada 7 a 15 dias.
Condicionador: ele vem depois do shampoo na rotina diária e depois da máscara de tratamento na hidratação semanal ou quinzenal.
O condicionador serve apenas para fechar as fibras e realizar a selagem do fio, mantendo ele mais protegido.
Aplique somente da metade às pontas, jamais na raiz para evitar a obstrução dos folículos.
Leave-in: esse é um tipo de produto mais leve e que não precisa passar por enxágue, ele é feito para ser deixado no cabelo.
Seus objetivos podem ser diversos, mas os mais interessantes são os que protegem do sol (contra radiação UVA e UVB) e os que protegem do calor (fator térmico).
Shampoo seco: para evitar lavar o cabelo todos os dias, o que é prejudicial, o shampoo seco serve como um bom aliado.
Ele vem em spray e ajuda a retirar o excesso de oleosidade, permitindo um espaço maior entre as lavagens.
Óleo para as pontas: tendo em vista evitar pontas duplas e proteger as pontas do ressecamento, o óleo capilar é o mais indicado para hidratação e manutenção da beleza e saúde dos fios.
Resenha: Big Hair funciona Falta de nutrientes na alimentação A beleza e a saúde dos cabelos não vêm apenas de produtos e práticas superficiais.
É preciso tomar cuidado com os nutrientes que você ingere.
Invista em um suplemento de qualidade e tome conta da alimentação.
Ao ingerir todas as vitaminas, minerais e proteínas necessárias para o organismo, você ganha mais bem estar físico e de quebra ainda melhora a aparência.
Essas foram as dicas de hoje.
Até mais.

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Presentation of Post Construction methodology

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EMD presented four different topics and the presentations can be watched by clicking on the headlines above the descriptions of each presentation below.

Introduction to Post construction analysis

using windPRO 3.4, 64bit , using windPRO 3.4, 64bit Calculate the future expected production for your wind farm assets.

Get insight with our introduction to Post Construction analysis

using windPRO 3.4, 64bit.
Presentation of Post Construction methodology.
Demonstration of new features, .

As implemented in the updated windPRO PERFORMANCE CHECK module

IEC61400-1 ed.
4 and lifetime assessments using windPRO SITE COMPLIANCE & LOAD RESPONSE Learn more about IEC61400-1 ed.

4 and lifetime assessments using the windPRO SITE COMPLIANCE & LOAD RESPONSE modules

Presentation of IEC ed.

4 site assessments using SITE COMPLIANCE module

certified by TÜV SÜD.

Demonstration of lifetime assessments following DNVGL-ST-0262 in LOAD RESPONSE

Instant and Accurate: New Geospatial Datasets in windPRO In windPRO you have online access to almost 100 global, regional, or national geospatial datasets and more are added continuously.
Today, windPRO online-data services cover reference wind data, turbine locations, elevation data, roughness mapping, aerial imagery, topography-maps, bathymetry models and canopy heights.
The newest dataset additions are covered in this presentation – including EMD WRF Europe+ and ERA5-T.
Advanced curtailments in windPRO 3.4 Check how to use the new advanced curtailments features in windPRO 3.4.
Overview of the advanced curtailments options in windPRO.
Demonstration of the new features.

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‘message from Lindsay England from Just a BallGame?

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‘message from Lindsay England from Just a BallGame?, Friday’s Football Collection session guest’ Violence, .

Harassment and repression of LGBT+ people still exists globally

Annually on May17th, IDAHOBIT- International Day Against Homophobia Biphobia and Transphobia is a coordinated International grass roots community date to raise awareness around LGBT+ visibility and inclusion, alongside encouraging society to take action against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia.

For this year’s IDAHOBIT theme of ‘Breaking The Silence’ JUST A BALL GAME

(JBG?) in partnership with LGBT Dorset Equality Network

have released a survey: looking at homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in sport.
It is hoped that whatever the outcomes, and/or differences found to our survey results (and therefore hard evidence collated for use) a decade ago, we can implement the findings to engage in dialog with the policy makers, NGB’s, the media, employers and general public to take action against any discrimination, .

Persecution or hate crime which LGBT+ people face

Despite advancement over recent years with some athletes ‘coming out’ sports are still very much an area of perceived male, masculine dominance and achievement.
Along with the breaking down of these stereotypes and challenging sexism and misogyny there is also a need to try and eradicate to a minimum all forms of discrimination.
Our survey is anonymous, it will take you around 5 minutes to sign into and complete and will be available to fill out until 11th July 2020.
We have allocated inclusive questions for both LGBT+ people and those who identify as heterosexual to answer to try and establish a balanced overview of what is relevant to all in 2020.

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