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Due to the design of a bottle jack

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A bottle jack uses hydraulic pressure and is placed in a vertical position underneath the jacking points of the vehicle.
Unlike a standard floor jack, they are cheaper, able to lift more and can fit into smaller spaces whilst being stored.

The best bottle jack is the Torin Big Red

which is available with weight capacities ranging from 2 to 50 ton with an impressive lifting range.
Due to the design of a bottle jack, they are best suited to vehicles with high ground clearance.
Many manufacturers offer low profile options but these will have a smaller lifting range, which may be an issue for certain applications.
READ  The Best Farm Jack 2020 Best Bottle Jack Bottle JackLifting RangeWeight Capacity Torin Big Red8.86 to 17.32 Inches2 to 50 Ton Powerbuilt 64091211.0 to 21.0 Inches3 Ton Pro-Lift B-012D9.5 to 18.87 Inches6 to 20 Ton ATD Tools 73856.0 to 10.625 Inches20 Ton OTC 9312 Stinger9.37 to 18.67 Inches2 to 50 Ton US JACK D-511259.0 to 19.5 Inches12 Ton The weight capacity of bottles jack vary from as little as 2 ton to a much larger 50 ton for heavy vehicles.
It’s vital that you choose a jack that exceeds the weight of your vehicle so that it can comfortably handle the pressure.
It is important to note that a bottle jack shouldn’t be used to support a vehicle for long periods.
The seals could leak, which would result in the vehicle dropping and causing damage.
Instead, its recommended to use car jack stands to support the vehicle.
Below is a list of the best bottles jacks that are suitable for a range of vehicles and built to last with heavy duty steel constructions.
Torin Big Red Hydraulic Bottle Jack Torin produce a range of different types of jacks and their bottle jack is by far the most popular.
It is available in weight capacities that range from 2 ton for small vehicle to 50 ton for much larger vehicles.
The lifting range differs upon the model you choose but the 10 ton model has a range of 8.86 to 17.32 inches.
Other features of the Torin Big Red Hydraulic Bottle Jack include: Wide and rugged base for stability Excellent lifting range Adjustable screw top extensions Forged steel construction Welded structure for leak-proof performance High quality hydraulic oil that withstands high temperatures Meets ASME safety standards Includes a 1 year warranty The Torin Big Red is built to the highest of standards with no expense spared.
From the zinc plated handle to the dual-stage harden rams, it has been built to last.
Although there are cheaper examples available, this bottle jack will not disappoint.
Check it Out Powerbuilt 640912 Bottle Jack The 640912 model by Powerbuilt is fairly unique because it is combines a jack stand and bottle jack into one unit.
It is the most expensive jack within this article but when you consider it is a stand as well, it does offer great value for money.
This particular model has a weight capacity of 3 ton, which is suitable for most passengers cars.
However, the brand do offer many different models that are suitable for larger vehicles with greater weight capacities.
Other features of the Powerbuilt 640912 include: Lifting range from 11 to 21 inches Safety bar to lock the unit at a desired height Extra wide base for additional stability Suitable for unibody and body-on-frame vehicles Exceeds ANSI and ASME standards If you are searching for both a bottle jack and stand, .

The Powerbuilt 640912 is the best option

It does come with a premium price tag but it’s a worthwhile investment that is designed to tick every box.
Check it Out Pro-Lift B-012D Hydraulic Bottle Jack Pro-Lift are another reputable brand that are known for their high quality mechanics creepers they produce.

Their Pro-Lift B-012D is an affordable bottle jack that is available as a 6

12 or 20 ton weight capacity.
To improve the longevity, Pro-Lift have heat treated critical stress areas of the bottle jack and is built using heavy duty steel.
Other features of the Pro-Lift B-012D include: Lifting range of 9.5 to 18.875 inches Steel lifting saddle for additional stability Multiple weight capacity options Includes carrying handle and extension screws Built-in bypass system to prevent ram over-travel Meets ANSI/PALD standards Backed by a 90 day warranty Overall, the Pro-Lift B-012D is an excellent all-round bottle jack that combines value for money and performance.
It is safe and easy to use with a large lifting range that is suitable for the majority of vehicles.
Check it Out ATD Tools 7385 Low Profile Bottle Jack If you have a sports car or one that has been lowered, many bottle jacks will not be suitable.
However, the ATD Tools 7385 is designed to fit into small spaces and provide a lift range from 6 to 10.625 inches.
Unlike other cheap alternatives, this low profile bottle jack is able to provide full power in both vertical and horizontal positions.
Other features of the ATD Tools 7385 Low Profile include: 2 and 3 piece handles Weight capacity of 20 ton ASME/ANSI-PALD certified Heat treated extension screws Heavy duty steel construction Includes a 1 year warranty Overall, .

The ATD Tools 7385 is the best option for those that need a low profile bottle jack

The small design is able to fit into small spaces but the smaller lift range of just 3 inches may not be enough for certain application.
Check it Out OTC 9320 Stinger Bottle Jack OTC are a premium brand that are popular among professionals and enthusiasts.
The 9320 bottle jack is available with weight capacities that range from 2 to 50 tonne and provides a lifting range from 9.375 to 18.675 inches.
The brand include a free seal kit with this bottle jack, which can be used to further increase the lifespan of the jack.
Other features of the OTC 9320 Stinger include: Chrome piston pump and ram Forged base and cylinder Inline design for ease of use Multiple weight capacity options 3.25 inch screw extension ANSI/PALD compliant Includes a 2 year warranty The OTC bottle jack is the most expensive but the attention to detail makes it a worthwhile investment.
The brand have designed it to be long lasting and even include a seal kit, which can be used if it begins to leak after years of usage.

Check it Out US JACK D-51125 Bottle Jack As the brand name suggests

this bottle jack is made in the USA and built to high standards.
It is designed to be used for large vehicles and it can handle large loads with ease.
It does come with a premium price tag but the American made bottle jack is designed to be long lasting and will not disappoint.
Unlike the alternatives that use a steel base, this bottle jack has a heavy duty ductile iron base with a wide stance for stability.
Other features of the US JACK D-51125 include: 12 ton weight capacity Lifting range of 9.0 to 19.5 inches Fluid bypass and stop ring to prevent over-travel Made in the USA to high standards Included jack handle Overall, the US JACK D-51125 is a premium option that is built to last and uses a wide base for maximum stability.
The expensive price tag may be an issue for those on a budget but it will not disappoint.
Check it Out Bottle Jack Buying Guide The bottle jack is a great choice for lifting cars with high ground clearance and trucks.
Compared to a floor jack, they are cheap, easy to use, lift more weight and can be stored in small spaces when not in use.
To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below guide regarding bottle jacks.
Floor vs Bottle Jacks The floor jack is the most popular of the two jacks but is also the most expensive.
Bottle jacks provide an affordable alternative, which is able to handle additional weight and the vertical narrow design makes it easier to store.
Compared with the floor alternative, bottle jacks are best suited for high clearance passenger vehicles such as SUV’s or trucks.
There are many low profile options but they don’t provide enough lift for tackling automotive repairs underneath the vehicle.

Weight Capacity As with any type of jack you use

it must exceed the weight of the vehicle.
This reduces the chances of total failure of the jack, which can cause expensive damage.
Most manufacturers provide multiple weight capacity jacks that range from 2 ton to as large as 50 ton for heavy duty vehicles.
Lifting Range The lifting range is just as important as the weight capacity and varies between manufacturers.
You will want to ensure that the bottle jack is able to lift high enough so that you can work underneath the vehicle.
Most standard bottle jacks range from 8 to 18 inches, which provides plenty of lift for the majority of applications.
Many manufacturers also include extension screws, which allow you to adjust the height of the jack to your exact requirements.
If you require a low profile bottle jack, you will have a smaller lifting range.
However, the trade-off is that you are able to get under small spaces, which is ideal for those with lowered vehicles or sports cars.

Construction Due to the heavy loads and tough environment

the bottle jack you choose must consist of a heavy duty construction.
The majority are made from a durable steel and some premium alternatives will even use heat treated hardware.

Maintenance Due to the fact that bottle jacks use a hydraulic mechanism

it will pump liquid pressure for the lifting force.
If the oil becomes low, the mechanism will not be as effective and it will need refilling.
It is also recommended that you keep the jack in the lowest position and keep upright whilst it is not in use.
Conclusion All of our recommendations are suited to a range of different vehicles and budgets.
It may be tempting to leave your car on the bottles jacks but the seals could leak overtime.
Once you have lifted your vehicle using the jack, it’s advised that you place jack stands underneath to support the weight.

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When it comes to COVID-19 outcomes

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By YW Boston Right now, your organization, and the nonprofit sector as a whole, has an obligation to bolster its commitment to employees and constituents of color, .

Especially Black employees and constituents

The last few months have been difficult for nonprofits, .

As our means of operating and much of our funding have been challenged due to COVID-19

In the face of a crisis, equity and inclusion work is too-often deprioritized and neglected.
It is critical that nonprofits do not let commitment to DE&I waver.

As employees and constituents navigate the COVID-19 pandemic

in addition to the existent crisis of systemic racism, it is important for nonprofits to lead with empathy and understanding.
First, this requires that nonprofits acknowledge the undue burden that racism is putting on Black colleagues and constituents.
When it comes to COVID-19 outcomes, Black communities are experiencing three times the death rate as compared to White communities.

This means that Black employees are more likely to be experiencing grief

fear, and anxiety due to structural inequities.
Further, the news coming out daily about police brutality and state violence.

Enacted on innocent Black individuals and protesters in support of Black lives

can be especially exhausting and traumatizing to those who either fear or have experienced similar violence.

Your Black colleagues may or may not speak about this during the workday

but it is the duty of employers to express increased empathy, regardless.
Just as nonprofits regrouped to strategize how to support employees and constituents through a global pandemic, we should consider how we will support employees and constituents experiencing heightened stress, trauma, and risk due to ongoing racism and heightened police brutality.
One way to lead with empathy, for instance.

Is to be open and honest about the COVID-19 racial disparities we are witnessing

and how that directly impacts your staff and your mission as an organization.
Do not fall back on tropes of “We are all in this together,” or “this pandemic is an equalizer,” because the data show that this notion is false.
Particularly after high-profile racist events.

Such as the murder of George Floyd and ongoing police brutality against Black people

do not go about business as usual by prioritizing the work routine and ongoing projects over the wellbeing of your staff.
In addition to making a public statement denouncing racism, demonstrate to your staff how you are committed to more equitable outcomes for your staff and communities.
Provide optional space for staff wishing to have a conversation about recent events with colleagues.
Prioritize mental health and let your employees know they can take time off if they wish to do so.
In addition to short-term responses, we must ensure we don’t “go back to normal” when COVID-19 and police brutality stop being front-page news.
Inspect your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) strategies to determine areas for growth.
Take an intersectionalapproach by considering the ways in which all forms of discrimination–such as racism, sexism, classism, or ableism – interact.
One of the most important things your organization can do is reach out for help when you need it.
Whether your organization has never openly spoken about race before, or you wish to deepen your existent commitment, make an intentional investment in addressing inequities within your organization and in our broader communities.
Remember, our country has hundreds of years of racism in its history.
It is not enough to denounce racism, but instead continuously work towards eliminating it.
All of us in the nonprofit sector have the responsibility to our staff and to our constituents to keep learning and evolving–and most importantly, to take action.

About YW Boston As the first YWCA in the nation

YW Boston has been at the forefront of advancing equity for over 150 years.
Through our DE&I services—InclusionBostonand LeadBoston—as well as our advocacy work and youth programming, we help individuals and organizations change policies, practices, attitudes, and behaviors with a goal of creating more inclusive environments where women, people of color, and especially women of color can succeed.
As part of that work, we are helping organizations prioritize Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and become socially connected while staying physically distant.
During this time, YW Boston is providing organizations with digital workshops and resources to help them better understand the challenges faced by their employees.
For more information, .

Please contact Sheera Bornstein at [email protected]

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we have a special join offer for Valentines Weekend

Post by AllanSic »

Valentine’s is upon us.
A celebratory day associated with heart-shaped chocolates, fancy four-course dinners and a few glasses of bubbly.
Which all sound amazing.
However if you, like us, are just getting into the swing of our New Year health and fitness routine, an overdose of sugar, calories and alcohol can potentially damage your progress.  But that is no reason to not treat yourself.

A friend or your loved one this Valentines Day with healthier food

activities and gifts.
Remember it’s about celebrating the connection between two people or an opportunity to focus on the relationship you have with yourself so here are top tips:   1.
Have A Healthy Breakfast  Start your day with a special Valentine’s themed breakfast including pancakes with some red fruits like strawberries or raspberries.
Strawberries are low in calories.

Are an excellent source of vitamin C and B9

as well as potassium.
Try out this whole wheat banana bread pancake recipe HERE.  Or why not serve some eggs on whole-wheat toast with sliced avocado, a great source of protein containing heart-healthy unsaturated fats.      2.
Enjoy A Night In  Instead of an expensive restaurant, consider having a romantic dinner for two at home or invite some friends over for a fun night in.
A home-cooked meal beats an expensive restaurant any day.
Simply set-up your table with a nice table cloth, sprinkle some rose petals or add some Valentine’s themed decorations and cook your favourite dish.  Some healthier options for your mains include this sauteed salmon with citrus salsa dish recipe or try this steak with mixed olive tapenade, butternut squash and green beans dish.  For a group, try putting together your own health-conscious grazing table – allowing guests to graze while saving you time in the kitchen.
Think of including foods like lean meats, fresh and dried fruits, seasonal veg and nuts.
Alternatively, .

You can order your grazing table from The Grazing Fox

Treat Someone With A Healthier Chocolate  Rewards are an important part of behavioural change especially during the initial phases of exercise.
Rewards help to motivate us and provide validation.
So, giving the gift of a small amount of healthier chocolate can be a nice gift for someone or yourself on Valentines Day.  Studies have shown that dark chocolate cacao offers disease-fighting antioxidants, while its flavonoids can boost heart health by lowering blood pressure.  Why not add a bar of dark chocolate to a small basket of healthy goodies and give as a gift to someone in your life who is on their journey to a healthy lifestyle.
When on the lookout for dark chocolate as a gift, make sure it has at least 60% cacao.
These will have fewer additives such as cream or sugar and are a rich source of antioxidants.
Exercise Together Or why not do something a little different this Valentines weekend and bring along a family member, friend or your other half to the gym to try a class or work out.
Alternatively, do some yoga, go for a walk, cycle, swim or run together.  Did you know that lab studies have shown that couples who jointly participated in a physical challenge reported feeling more satisfied with their relationships and more in love?  Gym Plus members can bring a guest for free all Valentines Weekend (14th February – 16th February).
And for anyone who wants to become a member, we have a special join offer for Valentines Weekend, with a 2 for 1 on the admin fee.
This offer is available when you and a friend join together in the club (Offer available from Friday 14th February – Sunday 16th February only).
Give The Gift Of Wellness  You could also use this Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to focus on your wellbeing or give the gift of wellness.  One easy idea is to have a complete digital detox and commit to spending the day sans phones or tablets.
Proven to reduce stress and ensure you give each other attention, this is a nice way to enjoy your day regardless of what you do.  Or you could head off together for a spa day, taking the time to relax and unwind while enjoying each other’s company.
Studies have shown that massages work to relieve stress and lower blood pressure.

Which makes a day visit to the spa an excellent Valentine’s Day wellness gift.    Finally

remember Valentine’s Day is a time for fun so don’t completely deprive yourself.
Have some cake, a glass of wine or a couple of chocolates.
But moderation is key.
And enjoy!    Join Gym Plus with a friend this Valentine’s Weekend (Friday 14th- Sunday 16th) and save with 2 for 1 on the admin fee.

Offer is available when joining in the club only

Try us out for free first with a guest pass.
Choose yours HERE.
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For those venturing into Prince William Sound

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VALDEZ, Alaska – A normal weekend with the sun shining in Valdez would generally mean a town full of people enjoying scenery, fishing and tours.
This year, the RV Parks, lodging and charters are open and trying to get by with far less business.
The sportfishing industry is open and, while business is down, they are showing in-state visitors a good time.

Melissa Schmidt is from Wasilla and decided to make the trip to Valdez

“We weren’t quite sure coming into it, going into a smaller community we definitely want to be respectful and careful”, said Schmidt.
Schmidt ended up catching an 86.4 pound halibut and getting on the Valdez Fish Derbies leader board for a few days.
“We’re just happy to spend the day with our friends on the boat doing things that we love to do,” said Melissa.
“It was definitely something to look forward to and the day was just really, really exceptional”.
For those venturing into Prince William Sound, the fishing has been great.
Jeff Saxe of Valdez is leading the Valdez Halibut Derby with a 157 pound halibut he caught Mary 30th aboard his private boat.

“Within 15 minutes we started getting bites,” said Saxe

“That 157 pounder was my first fish.
We got our eight fish by noon and we were done and headed back to town”.
Weather over the weekend was great and allowed anglers to get out further into Prince William Sound, but Alaska Department of Fish and Game suggests that anglers try around Perry Island for a closer option.

There have been some tremendous rockfish coming into the Port of Valdez

Alaska Department of Fish and Game suggests the best bet for getting pelagic black rockfish is out toward Montague Island and the west side of Hinchinbrook island.
According to ADF&G fish have been feeding at the surface on free swimming pelagic snails.
For those wanting to do a bit of camping and toss a line, .

Blueberry and Thompson Lakes will be stocked in the next couple of weeks

Ruth Pond will also be stocked late June

Those with a halibut derby ticket are eligible to participate in the Halibut Hullabaloo tournament for no additional cost.
The angler catching the largest halibut in the derby between June 5th and 14th  will win $500 cash in addition to the regular derby prizes.

For more information on Valdez Fish Derbies


Halibut Derby – Overall Leaders 1st        Jeff Saxe                             Valdez

AK            157.0 lbs.         May 30            Go Get Her 2nd        Charles Young                Fairbanks, AK             128.8 lbs.         May 24             Reel Dream 3rd        Robert Miller                  Fairbanks, AK            125.8 lbs.         June 5               Dan Orion   Halibut Derby – Weekly Winners – Week #2 1st        Robert Miller                  Fairbanks, AK            125.8 lbs.         June 5               Dan Orion 2nd        Ryan Woods                       Valdez, AK             125.4 lbs.         June 6  .

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IDS Innovation,” says Paul Becker

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Startup meets industry partner The Up2B Product Booster connects IT and high-tech startups with medium-sized and international companies and helps them to successfully launch their product or service on the market.
This year, the program of the state accelerator “Up2B” will once again act as a digital problem solver.

The next Product Booster will be launched on 26 October 2020

“Especially in challenging times like these, many companies ask themselves where they could digitize and how they could best implement their digitization wishes.

This is where the Product Booster can help,” says Paul Becker

project manager in the Up2B Accelerator.
A prerequisite for the successful implementation of the program is the precisely tailored networking of established companies and start-ups.
“The first step is to identify the challenges that the companies want to meet with smart start-up solutions.
This is followed by an intensive search for start-ups that can solve these digital problems”.
At times, this is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
“In addition, we have found that nothing moves early-stage startups forward more than direct customer contact.
Developing products without customer contact is like poking around in a fog – only by chance is the result a product that is actually needed.
Developing the product together with the customer is much more target-oriented.

This is where we help start-ups to find the right business partners,” says Paul Becker

In the past, the Up2B-Accelerator has already succeeded several times in bringing companies and start-ups together for successful development cooperation.
One example is the startup sentin GmbH, .

Which was able to start a cooperation with IDS Innovation GmbH via the Product Booster

IDS has succeeded in expanding its product range within the scope of the cooperation with sentin – from a pure hardware manufacturer to a full-service provider of industrial solutions.
The company uses sentin’s software for this purpose.
Conversely, .

Sentin uses the industrial cameras from IDS – a cooperation from which both sides benefit

Product Booster 2020: Problem solver for digital challenges For the next Product Booster

which starts on 26 October and will run for five weeks this time, well-known industrial partners have again registered.
“Among the participants are BASF, Freudenberg, IDS Innovation,” says Paul Becker.
Startups interested in the Product Booster can obtain information and register on the following website: The Up2B Accelerator is a joint project of Technologiepark Heidelberg, Startup Mannheim and innoWerft Walldorf and is financed by the state of Baden-Württemberg and the European Social Fund (ESF).

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wer denn nun der neue Bundestrainer wird

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Wer weiß schon, wer denn nun der neue Bundestrainer wird.

Der Anchorman Markus Gaupp (SKY) natürlich

Auch wenn es Thomas Böker (Kicker) gar nicht glauben kann.

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The post Fitness Centers Closed appeared first on Sun City

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RCSC Cardholders are advised that all RCSC fitness centers will be closing at 8pm today (Monday, June 29, 2020) in accordance with Governor Ducey’s Executive Order 2020-43.

All RCSC fitness centers will remain closed until further notice

RCSC pool areas will remain open regular hours until further notice

Strict physical distancing in pools and on pool decks must be adhered to per RCSC rules and regulations.
Thanks in advance for your cooperation and attention to this urgent matter.
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Daintree Great Barrier Reef tour operator

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Daintree Great Barrier Reef tour operator, Ocean Safari, came home with a bronze award in the Tour and Transport Operator category at the Queensland Tourism Awards 2019 held on the Sunshine Coast on Friday night.
Sister company, Ocean Rafting, based in the Whitsundays, won both a silver and bronze award, winning the awards for the Major Tour and Transport Operator and Adventure Tourism categories respectively, bringing the tally to three gongs on the night.
Owners Peter and Jan Claxton attended the 2019 Queensland Tourism Awards ceremony and spoke proudly of their achievements in the three different categories.
“We are so full of pride for our teams in both Cape Tribulation and the Whitsundays and they are such an integral part of the business.  Both Ocean Safari and Ocean Rafting offer such unique experiences for guests and they are constantly evolving and growing.
Our staff play such a big part in all of this and absolutely love what they do and the beautiful natural playgrounds they visit every day,” said Ms Claxton.
“While there has still been challenges for many tourism operators this year, it was wonderful to see so many Queensland tourism businesses come together to celebrate what this beautiful state has to offer and we pass on our congratulations to all the other winners and finalists.” It has been another big year of growth for both Ocean Safari and Ocean Rafting.  Ocean Safari has continued to develop its land based operations, Safari Lodge and the Turtle Rock Café.

To complement their Great Barrier Reef adventure

encompassing an entire Daintree rainforest retreat for guests to eat, stay and play, while Ocean Rafting launched new aviation experiences and welcomed its seventh vessel.

“After 11 years operating Ocean Safari and 22 years operating Ocean Rafting

we are still growing and have another exciting year ahead with many new developments in the pipeline.  We would really like to thank everyone for supporting us over the years,” said Ms Claxton.
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Dallas/Fort Worth International and Minneapolis-St

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– Fans of Orlando International Airport made their voices known as they secured Central Florida’s premier airport the No.
1 spot as the “Best Large Airport” in the 2020 USA Today 10Best Readers’ Choice travel awards.
A panel of experts partnered with 10Best editors to pick the initial nominees, and the top 10 winners were determined by popular vote.
Orlando International nabbed the top rank by getting more votes than airports like Tampa International, Dallas/Fort Worth International and Minneapolis-St.
Paul International.
“Employees at Orlando International Airport always strive to deliver the best customer service possible, creating a dynamic and exceptional experience for everyone who travels through our facility,” said Phil Brown, Chief Executive Officer of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority.
“Being named the ‘Best Large Airport’ in a contest entirely determined by a popular vote is rewarding because it confirms that we’ve made fans of not only our local community but by those who choose to travel here.” The voting process, which took place over four weeks in December and January, drew together Orlando International’s fan base for an opportunity to support Florida’s busiest airport.
“Our supporters are always engaging with us across our social media platforms.

Telling us we’re their favorite airport,” said Brian Engle

the airport’s Director of Customer Experience.
“Our social media team really harvested that positivity and encouraged our nearly 350,000 followers to vote daily.” Basic MCO Information: With more than 50 million annual passengers, Orlando International Airport (MCO) is the busiest airport in Florida and 10th busiest in the U.S.
MCO is currently engaged in a $4.2 billion Capital Improvement Program to increase capacity and enhance customer convenience.
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Many people swear by DEET-based bug sprays and lotions

Post by MatthewNub »

It used to be simple to plan for a summer vacation.
When the kids got out of school all you had to decide was whether you wanted to go to the beach, head to a theme park or take a cruise.
This summer, it’s hard to envision the same-old, same-old kind of vacation.
But after being cooped up in the house for what seems like forever, it’s sure not going to be a “staycation.” Many people have taken serious financial hits so many traditional options might be off the table.
So what can you plan that’s safe, inexpensive and fun.
Go Boat Camping Boat camping is a broad term that can mean anything from pitching a tent on a shoreline to sleeping aboard your boat.
Sorry, staying at a traditional campground and keeping your boat at its marina doesn’t count.
Plus, many campgrounds could still be shut down in early summer.
The beauty of boat camping is the freedom to go where cars can’t, which adds to the adventure and bypasses the crowds.
Primitive Camping by Boat No, you don’t have to dress up like the Flintstones; primitive camping refers to pitching a tent at a remote location that has limited or no facilities.
The best and most remote are campsite areas that are accessible by boat only.

Start by researching areas that legally allow it

Typically, backcountry camping areas are either free or have a small fee imposed.
Most large bodies of water are controlled by either the state, U.S.
Army Corp of Engineers® or National Park Service® (NPS) and have websites that explain the rules and fees.
The terminology varies.
For example, the Land Between the Lakes recreational area in Western Kentucky and Tennessee is controlled by the NPS and designates its primitive camping sites as either basic or dispersed.
Basic sites have minimal facilities such as pit sanitary facilities, fire rings and picnic tables.
Dispersed sites are places not near other facilities so if you find a remote beach, you’re allowed to pitch a tent and stay up to two weeks in one spot.
The cost is $10 per adult (18+) for three days or $50 per adult for an annual pass.

Many navigable rivers have primitive camping opportunities like on the St

Croix River in Wisconsin and Minnesota

Just make sure to do some research to find the location of permissible campsites, read up on the rules and to make sure the water level is adequate.
Remember to leave an area cleaner than when you found it and completely extinguish all campfires.
Stay on Board The beauty of sleeping on your boat is you are free from having to find a land campsite so almost anywhere there’s water, you can throw out the hook and sleep (check all applicable laws and regulations, though).
Cruisers are designed for weekending and most give you the basic needs: a galley, head, and bed.
The best anchorages are far from traffic, such as small coves.
Before you retire in the evening, make sure your anchor light is turned on, your anchor is well-set and that you have enough room to swing if the wind or tide changes.
And if you are in a tidal area, check the depth in all directions around your anchorage to avoid grounding at low tide.
You can still stay on board your boat even if it doesn’t have a cabin.
Pontoons, deck boats and larger bowriders are all great candidates for sleeping aboard.
You could sleep al fresco if the weather’s nice but having a full canvas enclosure turns virtually any boat into a floating motor home.
To create an adult-friendly bed, an inflatable mattress wedged between the bow lounges offers lots of comfort and can be stowed underseat during the day along with bedding and pillows.
Kids can sleep on the boat’s lounge seats or on the stern lounge if your boat is so equipped.

What You Need to Bring A good investment is a flushable

portable toilet, which can be placed in larger consoles or in changing rooms that use curtains for privacy.
For heating meals and morning beverages, take along a portable propane grill/stove, which can be mounted using rod holders, track systems or on pontoon rails.
Make it a game to catch dinner by fishing during the day but as a backup, precook and freeze hearty meals like stews or pasta dishes in plastic freezer bags, which can do double duty by keeping your cooler cold before you eat them.
Bring along at least two coolers: one that you use only when getting the day’s food out and the other for beverages.
If your daily activities include swimming, you can stay clean with rinse-free body wash or moist towelettes sponge baths.
If your boat doesn’t have a freshwater shower, you can buy a portable camping shower.
Most parks will allow you to use their showers for a small fee if you want a real shower.
Nothing can wreck a camping trip faster than biting bugs, but you can win the battle with a multi-pronged attack.
The best investment you can make is to bring along a couple of Thermacell® repellants, which are devices that use a butane flame to slowly cook a blue, chrysanthemum-based wafer.
Many people swear by DEET-based bug sprays and lotions, but there are other options.
Proven® is a lotion you rub on your skin that uses an ingredient called Picaridin that’s highly effective for many kinds of biting bugs (even ticks).
Repel® insect repellant is made for campers older than three and uses the oil of lemon eucalyptus to effectively keep bugs away.
Chances are good there’s a great boat camping opportunity near where you live.
Get the whole family involved in the planning and researching and it will help pass the time while we’re all stuck at home.
Best of all, it will give everyone something to look forward to.
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