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Olsen chose 24-by-48-inch porcelain tiles for the walls

Post by JamesExiva »

Designer Tonya Olsen, principal of The Olsen Home, proved that our master bathrooms deserve a starring role with this luxurious design inside a Park City home.
Here, .

Olsen shows us how she cleverly immerses this room in engaging style

The side walls’ large porcelain slabs resemble marble, offering a wallet-friendly alternative to real stone.

Olsen used the material’s veining to visually offset the room’s hard lines and angles

The Bedrosians porcelain marble also backs a wide niche for shampoo and soap.  Photo by Rebekah Westover.
To affordably get the look of stone, Olsen chose 24-by-48-inch porcelain tiles for the walls.
She also favored narrow grout lines to maximize continuity of the tile.  An enclosed wet space occupies the end of the room.
“It isn’t for everyone, but it functions well for people who like to go back and forth from the tub to the shower,” Olsen says.
Photo by Rebekah Westover.
Creativity extends to the accessories.

Stephanie Holdaway and the team at Gatehouse No

1 cleverly used a dark cutting board to serve as a bathtub caddy.  Olsen set the bottom of the makeup vanity mirror at countertop level.
“You don’t want to have to look above a backsplash to see yourself while sitting,” she explains.  Photo by Rebekah Westover.
A cowhide rug delivers a bold geometric pattern to the room.
“The rug actually accentuates the shower door’s grid pattern,” Olsen says.  Forget about small, framed mirrors.
“A large single mirror visually expands the space,” the designer says.
What’s more, the mirror doubles the forms and light of the two cylindrical pendants suspended in front of it.  Looking for bold new ways to rethink your bedroom or bathroom.
Click here.
The post Tonya Olsen Soaks It All In with Bold Bathroom Design appeared first on Utah Style and Design.

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addressing all Unix servers and then all Windows servers

Post by MatthewNub »

Privileged accounts represent a significant attack vector that organizations have to address as part of a proactive cyber security program.
With tens or hundreds of thousands of privileged accounts across a typical enterprise organization, IT security teams have to consider a number of factors as they improve privileged access controls – including complexity, legacy access and the unknown impact of change.
Though some CISOs set a goal from the start of deploying a comprehensive privileged account security program, many others take a phased, step-by-step approach based on an enterprise-wide, long-term strategy.
To start, they often identify a small set of accounts using classification and risk-rating mechanisms to pinpoint the highest risk.
These accounts are moved to a centralized and automated system.
Then gradually, over time, the organization expands coverage to new phases.
The way an organization defines each “phase” will differ from company to company, but following are some examples of typical phases: By platform/technology: Organizations can create phases for administrative accounts in Windows, Linux, mainframes, databases and so on.
In some cases, they address all of the machines on a particular platform first, then another platform, for example, addressing all Unix servers and then all Windows servers, can help to reduce the risk of intruders being able to move laterally between machines.
By region or by business unit: This approach is often used by global organizations in which each region has its own IT group and infrastructure.
Similarly, if a company has separate IT groups for each business unit, it may choose to address each one as a phase.

By application team: If an organization has multiple application development teams

it may choose to work with each team in phases.
When determining which phased approach will work best for your organization, consider what would cause the least disruption while adding the most value.
After you have success in one phase or area, you are in a position to scale up the program.
Look for ways to standardize your approach across the organization.
For instance.

If a pilot project has applied a new approach to managing Unix accounts

use that process and strategy as a blueprint for managing accounts in other platforms.

As one CISO noted in the CyberArk-sponsored CISO View report

“Don’t bite off too much initially.
Phase it in, manage the effort piece-by-piece in an incremental approach.
Use a scoreboard to track your progress as things move into your privileged ID process so you can see month over month what it looks like as you continue to drive the advancement.” In this short video, I share the three primary phases our customer success team often recommends for improving privileged account security using the CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution.
To learn more, please visit here.

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Democrats attending the late Rep

Post by MatthewNub »

We’ve long known that disinformation preys on intense emotional response.
Tommy Shane writing for First Draft in June laid out the myriad ways our psychology can be hijacked to spread falsehoods online.

Among the confusion and the politicization of health guidance in the COVID-19 pandemic

hypocrisy is being used as a tool to provoke emotions and question the credibility of authority figures responding to the crisis.
Democrats attending the late Rep.
John Lewis’ funeral were accused of flouting both masking and social distancing guidelines when a meme used an out of context photo from 2015.
It was debunked by Snopes.
LeadStories debunked a claim accusing Dr.
Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease official, of advocating the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus in 2005.
The fact-check pointed out the hoax cited the study of a different drug, chloroquine, .

And that the researchers never concluded it could be used to treat COVID-19

In the wake of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s congressional mask mandate, Reuters debunked a claim that used an out of context photograph to accuse Pelosi of secretly violating her own order in private.
It’s not the first time we’ve seen hypocrisy used as a tool of both dis- and misinformation during the COVID-19 infodemic.
In April, Le Monde’s fact-checking team Les Décodeurs debunked a claim accusing French President Emmanuel Macron of jet skiing during that country’s lockdown.
In July, Italian fact-checking organization Facta debunked a claim that chastised European leaders shown in a photo dining without wearing masks.
Both instances took old pictures out of context.
It’s also not surprising that these techniques work.
COVID-19 is a new virus, and changing scientific consensus has already bred confusion, as I wrote in July.
Moreover, in the United States, trust in public institutions has been on the decline since the 1960s.
So accusations that authority figures are flouting their own recommendations are appalling and infuriating.
And for the hoaxers and misinformers spreading these claims, that kind of emotional response is exactly what they’re after.
– Harrison Mantas, IFCN.
technology TikTok announced in a blog post it would ban deepfakes on the platform to cut down on the spread of disinformation.
Vanessa Pappas, TikTok’s general manager of U.S.
operations, said the intent was to protect users from, “content that misleads users by distorting the truth of events in a way that could cause harm.” Pappas also announced TikTok is partnering with PolitiFact and LeadStories to help with fact-checking in this year’s U.S.
presidential election.
WhatsApp is piloting a new feature it calls “search the web” aimed at helping users verify whether the content of messages they receive is true.
The Facebook-owned company said users can tap a magnifying glass button that will then lead to a prompt that will allow them to search the information on the web.
The feature was rolled out starting this week in Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, U.K., and the U.S.

Politics A number of news organizations are paying closer attention to QAnon

Among them: The Washington Post’s Isaac Stanley-Becker wrote that recent actions by President Donald Trump and his associates have brought QAnon adherents “more directly into the fold.” Axios described “QAnon’s 2020 resurgence.” One nugget from the piece: According to Atlantic Council data shared with Axios, QAnon pages and groups on Facebook “had nearly 10 times more likes at the end of last month than they did last July.” QAnon followers are targeting media outlets in Nigeria, casting U.S.
Democrats as anti-Black, the Daily Beast reported.
PolitiFact’s Daniel Funke tackled the question of why videos manipulated to make House Speaker Nancy Pelosi look drunk keep going viral.
science and health Quebec’s public health research institute found in a survey that even some health care workers believed misinformation about the coronavirus, the CBC reported.

Almost one in four people believed the COVID-19 virus was man-made

the CBC said, and among those working in a health care setting the number was 28%.
Picking up on last week’s controversy involving doctors spreading misinformation about COVID-19 cures, HuffPost wrote about some ways people can tell if their doctor is a quack.
In a July 30 tweet.

President Trump once again criticized mail-in ballots as potentially fraudulent

saying their use could lead to inaccurate results, even as some state and local officials are trying to encourage people to vote by mail to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.
The president sought to make a distinction between mail-in and absentee ballots, while also raising the prospect of a delayed election.
There were so many assertions tied together in one tweet that unraveling it required a comprehensive guide.
Indeed, delivered just that. The fact-checker walked through some of the most common claims associated with the balloting issue: Mail-in vs.
absentee voting, false claims about voting in Michigan and California, and a conspiracy theory about fake ballots being printed overseas.
In fact, Trump on Tuesday backtracked from a claim about mail-in ballots in Florida.
CNN reported that Republicans in the state had been urging the president to reassure Floridians that mail-in balloting was secure.
What we liked: With the firepower of four staff writers, created a thorough, one-stop-shopping fact-check on mail-in voting that can be a go-to source for anyone seeking the facts on voting mechanics.
– Susan Benkelman, API Here are nine tips for reporters covering election misinformation, from API’s Trusted Elections Network.

The IFCN launched a Portuguese version of its WhatsApp chatbot

The tool gives Portuguese speakers access to fact-checks about COVID-19 in their native language.
The BBC’s Marianna Spring chronicled how quickly misinformation spread and developed in the wake of the Beirut explosion.
Insider’s Rachel E.

Greenspan outlined Donald Trump Jr.’s long history of spreading misinformation

Brazilian fact-checking organization Agência Lupa released an English version of its data visualization that shows what it would look like if all of Brazil’s COVID-19 deaths were in your neighborhood.
That’s it for this week.
Feel free to send feedback and suggestions to [email protected]
And if this newsletter was forwarded to you, or if you’re reading it on the web, you can subscribe here.
Thanks for reading.
Harrison and Susan The post Factually: How hoaxers use hypocrisy appeared first on American Press Institute.

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Communal bathrooms add to unique college experience

Post by JamesExiva »

One of the scariest parts of college dorm living for some students is the communal bathroom situation.
With several students all using the same bathroom, I often feared there would not be a shower available when I needed it, or it would be too crowded to use a sink when getting ready in the morning.  The University has announced new bathroom cleaning procedures and guidelines to limit the spread of COVID-19.
All bathrooms will now be cleaned daily with “hospital grade disinfectant and electrostatic devices,” all surfaces will be cleaned three to four times per day, shower walls and fixtures will receive a deep cleaning once per week, all occupants must wear a mask unless in the shower or at the sink and social distancing efforts are emphasized.
Though it may be hard to adjust to sharing a bathroom with other people, here are a few tips and helpful hints for getting used to communal bathroom living.
Always wear shower shoes or flip-flops into the shower The bathroom is one of the biggest areas of concern when it comes to the spread of COVID-19 among students.
With so many handles, fixtures and surfaces that get touched by dozens of students each day, limiting skin exposure in the bathroom is extremely important.
Wearing shower shoes or flip-flops in the shower is safe and easy (athlete’s foot is a real thing!), as the shower can sometimes be pretty gross and be covered in bacteria after multiple people have used it in a day.
Last semester, there was a student who never wore shoes into the bathroom and repeatedly got called out for it; don’t let that happen to you.

Bring a shower caddy Probably one of the most underrated college dorm purchases

a shower caddy is super handy (and cheap) and makes bathroom trips super easy and convenient.
Put your shampoo, conditioner, soap, razor or deodorant in it; anything you could possibly need.
Clean up after yourself No one likes a floormate who leaves their stuff everywhere and doesn’t clean up after themself when using the shower or sink.
Body hair is disgusting and no one wants to touch it; clean it up so you don’t have to force others to deal with it.
Be courteous to others and they will do the same in return.  Don’t forget to bring your keys with you You never know when your roommate will leave the room, even if you are only gone for a few minutes.
Avoid the embarrassing trips to the front desk with your shower caddy and clothes in your hand; bring your keys everywhere you go.

Avoid peak hours Definitely consider avoiding the bathroom during peak hours

usually between 8-9 a.m.
If you are a morning shower person, don’t wait until the last minute to get ready in the morning because you never know if a shower is going to be available.
If you know you are a slow-moving person in the mornings, set out your stuff the night prior (your roommate will thank you as well) and plan your time accordingly; you don’t want to be late to your classes, whether they be online or in-person.

For more information regarding the University’s COVID-19 procedures

visit  [email protected] The post Communal bathrooms add to unique college experience appeared first on The Daily Illini.

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Your Daily YR Jigsaw Challenge

Post by AllanSic »

Take the Soap Hub Jigsaw Challenge It’s that time again on Soap Hub – the jigsaw puzzle challenge.
Put all the pieces back together and see how fast you can do it.
Even better, invite your friends to take the challenge and compare scores.
Who is the fastest.
Share your results with us in the comments below.
Get ready, set, and play.
Don’t forget to add your completion time in the comments.
Please note: if you have an ad-blocker on, you may not be able to access the puzzle.


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The post Creating Characters in All-Star Troopers

Post by MatthewNub »

One of the most exciting parts of any game is getting to meet the characters that inhabit the game world.
Because our upcoming title, All-Star Troopers, features a cast of exciting and unique characters to play as, we wanted to give our fans an inside look at the process behind how we designed our Troopers.
While we can’t reveal all our secrets, and we can’t always account for the multitude of changes that can happen during game development, we can share a typical approach to how characters are designed, made, and put into a game.
As one might expect, video game characters are often born from a great idea.
We like to start out with a brainstorming session combining our art and design teams, with one key ingredient: a good understanding of gameplay.
Knowing what the core game loop is, what the player is going to do, and how they will progress is crucial to creating characters that fit well in the world and are exciting to play.
Once the team is together, we start with thinking about the type of game we’re making and the genre that it is a part of: what are the common personalities that exist in these kinds of games.
What does the player expect and want to see.
Luckily for us, the answers to these came pretty quickly.
Having already decided to make a mobile strategy builder, inspired by military and sci-fi imagery, some standard archetypes began to emerge that are commonly found in these types of games.
For example.

Bearzukov is a tank character: this is someone who will soak damage

have a big output, and typically move slowly.
Furthermore, having other characters that contrast with these characteristics – like speedy Leopoleon or healing Shamaya – makes it more satisfying for the player to create a squad with different traits that they can strategically switch between during battles.
As these ideas get discussed, our artist will sketch some options out for how the character might look.
But don’t forget about gameplay.
If a character uses a weapon or engages in any kind of combat, that needs to be drawn and designed too.

In the case of All-Star Troopers

long-range weapons are the way to go, so Bearzukov needed to be equipped with something that caused a lot of damage from a distance.
Below are some of the variations of our favourite military bear… you can see the evolution quite a bit.
(Check out our interview with our illustrator, Mari, to learn more about her role at Norsfell.) After the concept art is drawn and approved by our art director, then comes modelling.
Not every game needs this step, .

But we knew we wanted our Troopers in 3D

Our 3D artist works off of the concept drawing to create a standing ‘rest pose’ for the character, while still keeping gameplay in mind.
In this case, this means considering how the characters will move and interact in the world, while being aware of requirements and limitations.
At this stage, the 3D model may be returned to our artist for further texturing and detail.
The rest pose is then rigged, creating a skeletal and muscular system that not only designates joints, but also how movement in one part of the body affects the rest.
This creates a puppet that can then be animated.

The animations that we needed for All-Star Troopers are pretty standard – stationary pose

run, combat, etc – but a well-rigged model has all kinds of possibilities.
The last step is integrating the character in the game and assigning the correct conditions to each animation.

This ensures that Bearzukov will shoot when in range of an enemy

instead of just running in place.
Once the character is in the game, we can start testing it.
We’ll try everything from running around to interacting in the world, just to see if the design plans hold up.
At this point, balancing comes into play as our economic game designer will determine how strong a character is or how much damage they can handle.
This step generally requires playing the game and testing out different values and combinations, and is the best way to know if our Bearzukov is overpowering all the other characters and needs to be scaled back, for example.
It will also highlight if other aspects of the design need to be reviewed, such as a turret that is too strong or which characters should be harder to acquire than others.
Sometimes when games are designed, developers think of the characters first and then build the world around the people in them.
Others (and what we tend to do!) will start with gameplay and mechanics, and then choose a theme and characters that fit within it.
The pipeline detailed in this post is quite common in game development studios, and truly shows how many people it takes to create just one character.
While this is only one part of the game design process, interesting and well-designed characters are an important part of creating a memorable and fun gaming experience.

If you’d like to see more of Bearzukov and our other Troopers

check out All-Star Troopers (coming soon to Android and iOS!) and follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
The post Creating Characters in All-Star Troopers.
appeared first on Norsfell.

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has welcomed Montana Healthcare Limited into its family

Post by MatthewNub »

Achieve together, a leading provider of support for people with learning disabilities, autism and associated complex needs, has welcomed Montana Healthcare Limited into its family, .

Following its acquisition of the South Wales specialist support services provider

Founded in 2007 and based in Caerphilly and Cardiff

Montana Healthcare Limited has an excellent reputation for the support it provides to people with complex needs, offering specialist support to people with learning disabilities, mental health issues, acquired brain injuries and autism.
The 73-strong team currently supports 21 people across 6 supported living services, in addition to providing outreach to 26 people living with their families or in their homes.
With 25 years of experience in providing specialist support to over 2,000 people in 350 services across England and Wales.

Achieve together will lend its high-quality leadership

expertise and resources to Montana as they join forces.
Moreover, as it already operates a number of services across South Wales including in Caerphilly and Cardiff.

Achieve together can help build on Montana Healthcare Limited’s regional knowledge

whilst giving the added value of its own national presence.
The two teams will work closely together to ensure a smooth transition and that the strength and skills of both providers are maximised to provide the best quality care.
Achieve together and Montana Healthcare Limited share an outlook that puts those they support at the heart of everything they do, whilst constantly striving to enhance the services they deliver, making the union a perfect fit.
The acquisition of Montana Healthcare Limited reinforces Achieve together’s position as one of the UK’s leading providers of support for people with learning disabilities and associated complex needs.

As the Achieve together family continues to expand

the commitment to making a real difference to the lives of the people it supports is as strong as ever.
Achieve together CEO, Emma Pearson, said: “It’s great to be able to welcome Montana Healthcare Limited into the Achieve together family and we are very excited about what we can deliver together.
Our shared ethos and determination to provide great quality care means that we are very much on the same page in what we envision for our services.
“As we continue to work closely with the new services and support a smooth transition, we are looking forward to strengthening those relationships and sharing best practice and resource with one another, as we ensure every person we support has the opportunities needed to reach their full potential.” Montana Healthcare Limited Operations Manager, Megan Hession.

Commented: “It is an exciting new adventure for Montana Healthcare

to be part of Achieve together.
We decided to look around and identify a company we felt complimented the values and principles of support and empowerment that have earned us such a good reputation.

In Achieve together we believe that we have found this

I look forward to working with Achieve together

ensuring to maintain the family feeling whilst growing and developing together.” The post Montana Healthcare Limited joins Achieve together appeared first on Cardiff Times.

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MIS Conversions Ltd is now ISO 14001 Accredited

Post by MatthewNub »

We are proud to announce that MIS Conversions Ltd was awarded the ISO 14001 Accreditation

ISO 14001: Certification – Environmental.
Environmental sustainability is an ongoing challenge we face as a global community.
The modern business environment requires an increased awareness of the environmental impact caused by industry operations.
To be seen as a responsible company, organisations need to demonstrate a proactive management strategy of the environmental impacts associated with their business activities.
ISO 14001 certification demonstrates a commitment to continual improvement of business processes with a view of achieving environmentally responsible practices and world’s best practice.

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Microsoft for Startups ist ein umfassendes Programm

Post by elyaqtfgwpci »

Kürzlich wurden wir in das zweijährige Microsoft Startup Programm aufgenommen

Wir freuen uns sehr über die Möglichkeit die vielen Vorteile des Programms nutzen zu können.
Microsoft for Startups ist ein umfassendes Programm, das Unterstützung und Vorteile im Bereich Technologie, Go-To-Market und Community bietet, .

Die den Erfolg von Startups steigern

Das Programm hilft B2B-Startups aus mehr als 140 Ländern

ihre innovativen Lösungen mit den Unternehmenskunden von Microsoft zu verbinden.  Microsoft für Startups: „Microsoft engagiert sich für die Bedürfnisse der verschiedenen Startup-Communities weltweit.
Die Angebote von Microsoft for Startups umfassen eine breite Palette an technischer und kommerzieller Unterstützung sowie eine einzigartige Reihe von vertikalen Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten wie Social & Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Quantum Technologie und Autonomous Driving.
Letztendlich streben wir danach, der Ort zu sein, an dem B2B-Startups auf der vertrauenswürdigsten Cloud-Plattform wachsen können und ihnen den Zugang zu der Technologie und den Kunden ermöglichen, die sie für ihren Erfolg benötigen.
Durch die erfolgreiche Bewerbung tracekeys für das Microsoft for Startups-Programm haben wir uns verpflichtet.

Tracekey durch unser zweijähriges Programm zu unterstützen

mit dem Ziel der Co-Sell-Readiness zwischen Microsoft und tracekey.

Tracekey wurde für das Programm ausgewählt

weil es unsere Programmkriterien einer Cloud-basierten, Business-to-Business-Lösung erfüllt.

Tracekey hat eine Seed-/Serie-A-Finanzierung erreicht

während sie weniger als fünf Jahre im operativen Geschäft tätig war.
Ihr starkes Geschäftsmodell, das auf dem Markt einzigartig ist und Skalierbarkeitspotenzial aufweist, war ebenfalls ein Schlüsselfaktor für unsere Entscheidung, das Unternehmen für das Programm auszuwählen.“ Gemeinsam mit Microsoft erarbeiten wir nun Wege, wie wir die vielen Möglichkeiten, die uns das Programm bietet, bestmöglich innerhalb der kommenden zwei Jahre ausschöpfen und für unser Wachstum nutzen können.
Der Beitrag Wir sind Teil des Microsoft for Startup Programmes erschien zuerst auf tracekey solutions GmbH.

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People are busy like in every European city

Post by elyaqtfgwpci »

By Pia ParolinI was in Trieste for work and had a spare day

one of those cold sunny winter days where the sky is just marvellous blue.
So, .

I decided for Ljubljana which is just one hour drive away

I had been there as a kid but I can hardly remember it.
And so much has changed since the fall of Yugoslavia – now Slovenia is part of the European Union and its currency is the Euro.I made my way over the well built empty highway through beautiful karstic landscapes.
The snowy mountains were visible in the distance. Only a few kilometres out of Trieste and already I was at the frontier, which is not a border any more.You can still see the old buildings where the Iron Curtain separated Western from Eastern Europe not so long ago.
Today, no controls, no frontier, only big signs saying “Slovenia” and “Europe”.I must admit I felt a bit like I visited a very remote country although I was in the heart of Europe.
I have no idea of the country, its language and its culture and yet it’s so close to where I was born, near Venice! I parked the car in the city center in a very modern subterranean lot and walked up to discover this European capital.
The centre of the city is very easy to access.
Up on the hill in front of me stood the castle which overlooks the city and the river down below, bending in the valley.Everything is restored and shiny and well organized.
I found myself in the middle of a spectacular huge square with trees, beautiful old buildings, lots of people walking around, park benches and a memorial.
All these churches and the castle on the top of the hill form a beautiful scenery. The people walked with a rather brisk step and did not really look at me.
I stood there with my camera, but they looked away and hardly gave me a smile.
People are busy like in every European city, walking with their cell phones attached to their ears.

But they are friendly and many speak English

at least in tourist places.I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the buildings and by the great atmosphere with lots of young people.
The university in the city centre diffuses a sense of youth and relaxation.
Not really much from the old days is left in the city centre.
All the cars are modern and of international brands, shiny and colourful.
Workers are busy renovating the roads and houses.

The old city architecture reminds me of Austrian cities

In fact, .

Austria is really close by and culturally closer than Italy

You can tell by the way the houses are rebuilt and by the local food.I crossed the romantic little river and walked along it.
There are a lot of restaurants.
People enjoyed sitting outside although a cold wind was blowing.
I imagine this place in summer, it must be full of life and enjoyment.Then, the architecture changed.
Old grey houses became more prevalent.
Some are occupied by squatters and painted with street art.
Just two minutes outside the touristic centre the feel of the old days is still there, .

With the architecture of the Communist times

Some houses are really rundown and not renovated, yet leaving space for the memory of the old times.
I liked the contrast between old and new which is so evident at every corner. I walked back towards the old city centre and came across a lot of old book and record shops.
They sell music on old vinyl records like 30 years ago.
I stopped at the beautiful traditional Restaurant Sokol and had a mushroom soup in a bread cup.
That was really different and very tasty. Ljubljana is a real European capital city with splendid architecture and great cultural life.

It is a candidate as capital of culture in Europe for 2024

The European banner is present everywhere

I cross my fingers, .

It really deserves the title.On my way back I drove past Lipica

It is the place where since 1580 they breed the Lipizzaner horses

The famous Spanish Riding School of Vienna in Austria uses these horses

which are the epitome of horse beauty and classical dressage. Lipica is the world’s oldest continuously operating stud farm.
In a one hour guided tour you can visit the whole area with its stables, dressage ring, pastures and historical buildings.
The huge white horses stared at us peacefully during our visit.I recommend this place not only for horse lovers, but also for those who appreciate nature.
To reach the farm you drive through a beautiful karstic landscape with dolines.
It is a charming terrain, but be careful when wandering around.
It is very rocky and belowground enormous cave systems have formed.
The small craters formed by the collapsing karst have their own special microclimate on the ground which allows plants to grow which otherwise do not tolerate the climate. In the afternoon I drove back to beautiful Trieste, with the firm intention to come back with a lot more time and explore the rest of this interesting country.About the AuthorBorn and raised in Italy, Pia Parolin studied biology in Germany and in Brazilian Amazonia.

A passionate tropical ecologist with PhD

she always carries her camera with her since the day her father gave her the first Minolta at the age of 9.
Living on the French Riviera since 2005, she loves to capture light, colours and movements.The post A Day in Ljubljana, the Capital of Slovenia appeared first on Ugo Cei Photography.

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