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are GM rolls that the player sees but not the other players

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We are going to be running some games for Patrons of the show

and lots of folks are running tabletop rpg’s online, so we wanted to talk about some of the behaviors that gamers need to be aware of, and possibly change, to help make these on-line sessions the most fun they can be.Need to Take Turns – Stepping on each other via audio is a mess.
Folks have to take turns talkingThis helps the less than out-going player to get time in the spotlight as the GM needs to make sure everyone speaks and other players need to shut up while that player speaksGM needs to regularly break to ask the players if they are clear on descriptions and such as it’s hard to “butt in and ask” without being totally disruptive on-lineDon’t rely on tech to totally replace your need to be descriptiveImages and maps with dynamic lighting are great, but it’s not a total replacement for many gamersSometimes you’ll not have the right picture ready and you don’t want to stop the action while you fumble through your files to find the image you want – describe and move on and bring that picture back for next sessionIt’s VERY easy to get distracted when your sitting at your computer gaming – not just the ‘ole “put down your damned phone!” bit, but answering emails, watching YouTube, etc. Having to repeat things for people who are on a conf call and not paying attention is super annoying – don’t be that personDon’t bite off more than you can chewYou can play on-line without streaming your games – it’s a lot of work and it’s not necessaryYou are not required to use any of the “extras” on the virtual table top platform that you are using – you can stay simpleWhat other changes to your GM or Player style/approach have you made from face-to-face to on-line gaming.
Announcements Patrons at our $4 or greater tier will have the option to join a game that Brett and Sean runs once or twice a month.
Head to Patreon for more info.
Random Encounter Al Evans comments on the forums about GM’s Rolling Dice for Players Al Evans comments on the forums about GM’s Rolling Dice for PlayersI GM online, specifically on Roll 20, so skill checks perception… are divided, arbitrarily by me, into two groups:Things that change the roleplay, like intimidate, are GM rolls that the player sees but not the other players.

It is the difference between “Stinky the Dwarf sidles up to the guard

stroking his axe and muttering ‘Wait until we hear his answer sweety’” and “Knuckles the thief minces up to the guard, reaches for his buckle knife and accidentally drops his pants.”Things that change the characters health etc., like climbing a wall, are handled with an API script BlindRoll!, only the GM sees the roll.
That is the difference between ” I carefully inch up the wall 5 frrt and then slowly move north along the wall.” and “You get about halfway up the 50’ wall when your suddenly pitching backwards with a loose stone in your hand you take twelve damage and roll a Con save.” Blake Ryan has a quiz for Brett 1-What character wields Cats Paw? 2-What Vampire clan has the nickname Degenerates? 3-What does the C in BECMI stand for? 4-Name one of the properties of the powder of Ibn Ghazi 5-Who did Elric of Melnibone claim blood and souls for? 6-How many domains is magic divided into in Rolemaster? 7-Name the spunkiest Otyugh in Avalon.
Die Roll  Open Table Manifesto by Justin Alexander on his blog The AlexandrianFellow BS’er, Ray Otus’s Plundergrounds podcastFellow BS’ers running games – posted on our forums here.

Examples includeEirvit’s 2d20 Conan gameJohn Caward was running The Fantasy Trip

a one shotJared Rascher puts up some Avalon Subclass ideas  in the G&BS Forums  Next Episode Subscribe on iOS or Android so you don’t miss our next episode when we talk about the horror scifi, Ennie Award winning rpg, Mothership.GamingandBS.com/ForumsGamingandBS.com/TwitterGamingandBS.com/FacebookGamingandBS.com/InstagramGamingandBS.com/DiscordGamingandBS.com/Twitch The post Changes for Playing Tabletop RPG’s Online appeared first on Gaming and BS RPG Podcast.

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