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Guest Spots: The Kolchak Tapes Episode 3

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Our editor-in-chief Chris Stachiw begins the first collaborative podcast with Mike White of The Projection Booth: The Kolchak Tapes.
The podcast focuses on Carl Kolchak and his various investigations across two made-for-tv films, two television series, and various other media.
On the third episode of The Kolchak Tapes, Chris and Mike are joined by guest co-host Amanda Reyes to talk about The Norliss Tapes (1973).
Aired on NBC on February 21, 1973, the film stars Roy Thinnes as David Norliss, a writer trying to solve a supernatural mystery.

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Big View Diner is in the Ballantyne area

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Big View Diner, at 16637 Lancaster Hwy, has been showing drive-in movies.
Big View Diner is in the Ballantyne area, almost to the border of South Carolina.
You can order some food and then sit back and enjoy a movie with your family.

Next up: Drive-In Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean Saturday

August 15th, 2020 8:30 p.m.
Free The movie starts at 8:30 p.m., so get there early in time to order some curbside food.
Please stay at least 6 feet away from other groups.

We will include more of Big View Diner’s drive-in events as they are announced

Double-Check Before You Head Out

We make every effort to make sure that everything on Charlotte on the Cheap is 100% accurate.
However, sometimes things change without notice, and it's also possible that we can make a mistake.
In addition, we can not guarantee that all events adhere to the safety measures that are necessary at this time, so we encourage you to ask any questions of the organizer, to make your best decision, and to stay safe.
Please verify all deals and events with the venue or organizer before you go.
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Powered by FeedBlitz Outdoor and Drive-In Movies Check out our list of outdoor and drive-in movies around Charlotte, or see some of them here: Sunday, August 16, 2020Hound's Drive-In (Price per carload) 8:30 pm | $20.00 | Hound’s Drive-In Drive-In Movie at Carolina Mall (price is per car) 9:00 pm | $20.00 | Carolina Mall, Concord Wednesday, August 19, 2020Charlotte Motor Speedway Drive-In Movie Night: The Princess Bride (price is per car) 7:00 pm | $30.00 | Charlotte Motor Speedway Knight Drive-In ($6/person, or $20 for 4 people) 8:00 pm | $6.00 | Rowan County Fairgrounds Thursday, August 20, 2020Drive-In Movie Night: Remember the Titans (price per car) 8:00 pm | $30.00 | The Music Yard Drive-In Movie at Carolina Mall (price is per car) 9:00 pm | $20.00 | Carolina Mall, Concord Friday, August 21, 2020Badin Road Drive-In (price is per-person) 8:00 pm | $5.00-7.00 | Badin Road Drive-In Knight Drive-In ($6/person, or $20 for 4 people) 8:00 pm | $6.00 | Rowan County Fairgrounds Hound's Drive-In (Price per carload) 8:30 pm | $20.00 | Hound’s Drive-In Drive-In Movie at Carolina Mall (price is per car) 9:00 pm | $20.00 | Carolina Mall, Concord Saturday, August 22, 2020Badin Road Drive-In (price is per-person) 8:00 pm | $5.00-7.00 | Badin Road Drive-In Knight Drive-In ($6/person, or $20 for 4 people) 8:00 pm | $6.00 | Rowan County Fairgrounds Drive-In Movie in OTC: Avengers: Endgame 8:15 pm | $9.00-15.00 | Lake Norman YMCA Flicks at the Field: "Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker" at Truist Field 8:15 pm | $10.00-20.00 | Truist Field Hound's Drive-In (Price per carload) 8:30 pm | $20.00 | Hound’s Drive-In Drive-In Movie at Carolina Mall (price is per car) 9:00 pm | $20.00 | Carolina Mall, Concord Sunday, August 23, 2020Badin Ro.

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The Solo Option: Apple AirPods I know what you’re thinking

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You’d think staying home more would’ve given us infinite time to think ahead for things like Father’s Day and every birthday or holiday from here through eternity.
Nonetheless, the dates continue to sneak right up on us, leaving us scratching our heads on what to gift and with no options left other than a game-time decision.
If you’re in the same pickle, this outdoor gift list will be just the help you need.
And since we know Father’s Day is just as much about creating the perfect option for each gift-giver as it is for the recipient, we’ve divided this less by who is getting the gift and more by who is giving it.
Are you an easy button type.
Looking for something the whole family can enjoy.
Gift giving around sending him on a solo adventure.
Find your type below and give accordingly.
The Easy Button: Cairn Outdoor Subscription Box We reviewed the Cairn box several years ago just in time for Valentines Day.
Packed with actually useful outdoor-focused item, we loved that this box offered both a fun by-mail monthly surprise and things that wouldn’t head straight to the donation bin.

Cairn also offers a high end Obsidian upgrade box with high-value items

but you’ll pay a premium.
Subscriptions start at about $30 monthly, .

With Obsidian boxes costing about $250 quarterly

Subscribe to Cairn.
For Family Outdoor Fun: Camp in Comfort Luke and Sam both enjoy the Thermarest   The dad in your house probably doesn’t want to admit it, but bro is getting older.
We’ve seen it here, too.
And while he wants to be Mr.
Tough Guy and sleep right on God’s good green earth with nothing but that leaky old mat to make it friendlier, you and I both know that there would be a lot more of that good family outdoor time — not to mention a less cranky version of it — if he had a softer place to land those old bones.
Enter: a good sleeping pad.
These aren’t air mattresses, so no one will look like a big camping wuss.
They’re sleeping pads that provide a nice cushion between his back and the ground.
Go big, and gift him nice sleeping pads for the whole family.
Now everyone is happy.
Thermarest, a brand we’ve used for many years, offers pads for between $30 and $250, depending on just how comfortable or lightweight you want the pad to be.
Shop Thermarest to see more.
The Solo Option: Apple AirPods I know what you’re thinking.
This is not an outdoors gift, and it doesn’t have anything to do with going solo.
But I disagree.
Hear me out on this.
First of all, every dad needs a way to escape the family now and then.
Would it be ideal for him if that involved being released into the wild for a man-adventure.
But it would not necessarily be ideal for you.
Next best thing.
A sound escape.

Our AirPods synch perfectly to our phones

We use them for work and play.
When we’re out camping and I need a break from the family, I can pop them in and ah — peace in our time.

The AirPod Pro version has a noise canceling feature that’s awesome

but the cheaper version is great, as well.
AirPod prices range from $200 (regular) to $250 (pro).
Buy them on the Apple website.
Affiliate links above.

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dass auch deine anderen Muskeln nicht mehr weiterwachsen

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Viele kennen das Problem: man beginnt mit Muskelaufbautraining

weil man endlich einen schönen durchtrainierten Bizeps haben möchte und dann kommt irgendwann die Enttäuschung.
Denn egal, wie sehr man sich auch ins Zeug legt, .

Der Bizeps will einfach nicht wachsen

Wir nennen dir fünf Gründe für dieses Problem

damit du in Zukunft alles richtig machst.
Steigere die Trainingsintensität mit der Zeit Wenn du mit dem Training beginnst, musst du deine Muskeln natürlich erstmal an die neue Belastung gewöhnen und dabei sind die Grundübungen für die Arme erstmal ausreichend.
Doch sobald sich deine Arme daran gewöhnt haben, .

Solltest du deinen Bizeps auch separat trainieren

So kannst du diesen Muskel besonders fordern und dafür sorgen, dass er größer wird.
Suche dir dazu Übungen aus, die du ohne Schmerzen durchführen kannst und die auch deine Handgelenke nicht zu stark beanspruchen.

Überfordere deinen Bizeps nicht Wenn man mit dem Muskelaufbautraining anfängt

will man natürlich so schnell wie möglich Fortschritte sehen.
Das ist auch verständlich.

Allerdings ist es wenig sinnvoll die Muskeln mit Isolationsübungen überzubelasten

Gerade der Bizeps wird dabei oft ordentlich mit verschiedenen Übungsvarianten mit Kurz- und Langhanteln malträtiert.
Stattdessen solltest du dich als Anfänger eher auf die Verbundübungen konzentrieren und eventuell eine Übung speziell für den Bizeps hinzufügen.
Achte darauf, dass deine Gewichte mit der Zeit schwerer werden Klar, die Verbundübungen sollten immer intensiver sein als die Isolationsübungen, doch achte darauf, dass du auch hier nicht zu leichte Gewichte wählst und dich vor allem mit der Zeit steigerst.

Da Bizepsübungen oft am Ende des Trainings gemacht werden

wenn die Kraft schon nachgelassen hat, ist dies ein Fehler, den viele machen.
Für kleine Muskeln, wie den Bizeps, sind 10 bis 15 Wiederholungen angebracht.
Sorge dafür, dass dein Körper ausreichend mit Energie und Proteinen versorgt ist Muskeln brauchen Energie und Proteine, um wachsen zu können.
Wenn du also bemerkst, dass auch deine anderen Muskeln nicht mehr weiterwachsen, obwohl du deine Trainingsintensität steigerst, solltest du in besonderem Maße auf deine Ernährung achten.
Im Internet findest du auch spezielle Rechner, mit denen du dir deinen persönlichen Kalorienbedarf ausrechnen kannst.
Siehe auch: Ernährungsplan eines Bodybuilders 5.
Bist du sehr groß.

Ist mehr Geduld gefragt Falls du sehr groß bist

müssen wir dir leider mitteilen, dass du einfach länger trainieren musst als normal große Menschen, bis man einen optischen Unterschied bemerkt.
Dies liegt aber meist nicht daran.

Dass der Muskelaufbau langsamer vonstatten geht

sondern daran, dass eine Vergrößerung des Bizeps um einen Zentimeter bei einem langen Oberarm kaum auffällt, während sie bei einem durchschnittlichen schon einen großen Unterschied machen kann.

Da hilft also nur Geduld und Motivation aufrecht erhalten

Der Beitrag 5 Gründe, .

Warum der Bizeps nicht wächst erschien zuerst auf DiätCheck


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